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I was in an Ironman race. I remember exiting the water after the swim (this is where the dream started) and seeing most of the other bikes gone. Then I came into T2, not remembering much of the bike, and found I had to run a 3 hour’ish marathon to beat the time cutoff. So I set off. But the run course wasn’t well marked, so I started running a mile section back and forth until I got someone to look at the map of the run course. And then they wouldn’t give me directions on how to properly get on the regulation run course. So I figured it out for myself, but when I got back to the finish line, it was past the cut off time. But I felt fine after the race, I had no aches or pains.
I think I need to go run a race somewhere soon, anything, to get this cut off time out of my head.

Thinking of another Race

GEER 50k. The Great Eastern Endurance Run.

” The course will be run in the scenic George Washington National Forest “Blue Ridge Mountains” on predominately single track trails and forest roads. This is a challenging course with 15,062 feet of climb in the 100K and 8,808 feet of climb in the 50K.”

The Blue Ridge Mountains in the fall…it would be pretty…it’s around Charlottesville, where Monticello is, I’ve been wanting to visit…

Hmm. Same time as the Akron Marathon. But we also have the militaria show in Pittsburgh and may have out of town guests. I guess I may need to rethink this. I think the Akron Marathon was a good option because I could be there in two hours from my house, or about two hours from Pittsburgh if we were still there.

Yes, I am feeling much better and thinking of other races. I ran today again, 4 miles in the local park system, on an asphalt bike trail, but it was okay, not as hot as yesterday, and I had much more shade. Tomorrow I have an out of town meeting, so I may take my running clothes along and try and get a run in. My meeting ends just in time for rush hour traffic in Columbus, and it might be more useful running for one hour than spending that time fighting my way through traffic!

Other Blog Entries of Note Today

There was a good quote over on Scott Dunlap’s blog about ultra running:

“At one level its admirable, at another it’s ridiculous,” says Phillip Hodson, Fellow of the British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy.

I agree with Scott!

I can’t believe I am even posting about Dean Karnazes, but someone posted his blog entry on the ultra list, and it was actually pretty good, he was pretty honest about what happened to him, because he was actually doing really well until about the twelve hour mark:
DK’s post

And then there is Sometimes you just don’t have it

I Almost Ran today

I was planning on a run after work, so I brought my running bag in at lunch time to change into right after work. I love summer time running where the clothing is limited. Socks,shoes, shorts, tank..running bra. The bra I pulled out of the bag was more of a sports bra. The girls don’t support sports bras. Sports bras don’t support the girls either!
The well endowed female runners know what I am talking about. The others, who can actually wear a little tiny tank top and nothing else underneath and call it their running attire, well probably won’t understand so much.

So I went to the gym and did 4 miles on the elliptical, which was just fine. It was about the same as being outside, since my gym has no AC and it was about 90 degrees out. It felt good being about over my cold and sweating up a storm. I knew I had the post work out endorphins when I had the music turned way up on the drive home!

Saturday Morning Grocery Shopping

I am normally not out and about buying groceries on a Saturday morning (I’m usually in a nice long run somewhere, sigh..) but being out of fresh veggies and fruit, I decided to go to the Coshocton Walmart and re-stock.
I needed some Rold Gold Fat-Free Pretzels, so I ventured down the “Chips” aisle. It looked like the town had stocked up for the Apocalypse; no? nah, just Friday night in mid-Ohio. Shelves were decimated! Entire skus of chips were missing. I would have thought today was Superbowl Sunday or something. I could not believe it.
Or, more sadly, I could believe it when I stopped in the next town, our little exempted village of Newcomerstown, to watch some of the “Strong Man” competition that is part of Cy Young Days, our local little festival. Cy Young, if you don’t know it, was a famous pitcher who won more games than anyone and pitched like every day or every other day, unlike the pampered pitchers of today. Newcomerstown claims him as their own, but actually, his farm was about 2 miles from where I live, closer to Peoli, Ohio. Peoli used to have their own post office, but after Cy Young died, they closed it-he got that much fan mail!
I guess it was probably a reaction to being around ultrafit people last weekend (wow, it’s already been a whole week since the race) but the glaring obesity in my town really stood out. As I watched everyone get a hot dog, or nachos with cheese, or a creamed chicken sandwich. And no one cares. I guess that is the next scary part. They don’t care about how they look or what being obese does to their health.
Health care will become interesting in the next twenty years caring for these folks.

Since I am on an obesity roll (get it) I also noticed that Alli is now on sale, saw a HUGE skid of it at Walmart, $ 59.00 a bottle. Alli is a fat blocker. Alli also has some nice side effects-uncontrollable bowel movements, frequent bowel movements, oily stools-stuff like that. Is it worth pooping your pants in public to lose weight? (Pooping your pants on the trail is a far different situation lol..)
As a health care professional, I would not recommend this drug. Portion control and excercise, that old unglamourous option, still works!