Or is it bakin’? Anyways a hot day for a run. It was 97 degrees. My original idea was my ‘around the block’ from the gym, today run in the opposite direction, to keep me off the dreaded first mile of asphalt road. This meant I had more uphills to climb.It’s funny, this route does not equal out. In the one direction, I think it’s a shorter, steeper climb to the ridge; doing the opposite direction, it’s more long, winding climb up.
Mentally and emotionally I was having a great run. Physically it just sucked. If the sun was behind a cloud, all was well; the shade was good. It was when I hit the uphill patches out of the shade and in full sun. I hit the ridgeline and contemplated my choices. A nice downhill sucked me in and I kept going. Finally I hit the point of no return-either continue on, and complete the loop, or turn around. I decided to turn around for 7 miles in 1 hour 28 minutes. I really didn’t realize how hot I was until I was back at the gym, totally stopped. You could feel the heat emanating from my body. Maybe on Wednesday a nice trail run in the shade is in order!

3 thoughts on “Bacon

  1. KeepOnRunning

    now thats one HOT lookin ultra runner there 🙂

    Good you got out in that…. It’s tough with those temps out there to have the get up and go to actually get out and go.

    Have a great week Kim

  2. Jack

    Running in the heat can sure zap the energy. I spent two summers in Kentucky and two in Georgia while in the army – too hot for this northern boy. Take it easy out there!


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