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Pre-Race Festivities

I arrived at Mike’s place early afternoon. Mike, Josh and I went out for a late lunch…lots of our usual banter and laughter. ( Don’t tell them but I love these guys!) We got back to Mike’s place, and the guys worked on their last minute race prep.
We went over to the BR Meeting place in Cuyahoga Falls a bit early. It was so fun to be hanging out and chatting with other runs. I did finally get Rob, Mike, and Josh, to sit on their asses instead of standing! (Energy conservation!!)
Dinner was ready promptly at 530 pm. Thanks Chef Bill Bailey, everything was great! I really appreciated having the whole wheat pasta!
More friends and acquittance’s kept arriving. I was having such a good time, talking to everyone that I knew, some people that I didn’t know…telling them I would be at Mile 65, kicking their butts down the trail!

The race meeting went off promptly at 630 pm. Joe Jurcyk, RD, had a thorough briefing. I think all should be well for the race in the morning. Joe has many experienced ultra runners as his staff, and most of the volunteers are ultra runners too. One runner, Maria, asked if I thought there might be pacers along the way. Since most of the aid stations are being manned by ultrarunners not participating in the race, I said heck yeah! I bet there will lots of volunteers with running shoes on–just waiting for the chance.

Mike- if you are reading this, get your ass to bed. I can’t wait to see you come in smiling to Happy Days and you and I get to run together.
Rob-run with the slow runners!
Josh-Maria will be at Mile 65. But Adam will also be there…
Tony-good luck my friend!! This will be an awesome experience for you

Okay, I better stop naming names or this could go on all night.

I as an aid station worker and pacer, will be sleeping in on Saturday.!

I will update before my departure for the aid station on Saturday!

Ultra Packing

I packed for the BR tonight, since we had guests over for wine tastings..

Vehicle: My one camp chair; 6 X 28 towels, to be doused in ice water and placed over runners’ faces when they arrive at the aid station; 1 cutting board, brand new; 2 king sized comforters,
peanut brittle made and donated by my co-host Andrew, (that’s if any of it makes it to the aid station!) 1 case of Ensure, that I cannot consume by the expiration date in 2008.

My personal stuff:
Post race clothes and shower stuff to be left at Mike’s house
Pacing Clothing: I almost forgot my freaking lights!!!! Whew. Added to pacing clothes bag. I’m going to be at my aid station for a good long time beore I pick up Mike, so I don’t want to change to running clothes until I need to!!

I am not due to my aid station til 2pm Saturday. The race begins at 5am Saturday. This will drive me crazy not to know that is going on. BR has promised live race updates for their runners which will be cool, but I know not to count on that.

On one hand, I want to drive up to different aid stations on Saturday to see what is going on, and on the other hand, I want to rest. But I don’t do rest easily. So the plan is, sleep in as much as possible on Saturday, at my mom’s house, and then rest, read a book or something, until I need to leave for the Aid Station.
I actually feel more wired for this than actually running a 100. LOL. Maybe it’s becuz I know I am not running the 100.

Best wishes for all the runners, I will see you all Friday evening at the dinner. I will be wearing my cool T-shirt “I’m blogging this” so you will know who I am!!

Ultra Shopping

I had to get to the store for supplies yesterday. I had to buy:

2 liters of Gatorade
1 pack of Ritz-PB crackers
1 pack of PayDay Bars (I have to cut them in half myself, I can’t find the snack size around here! What is up with that)
Pringles Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips (a fine breakfast food pre ultra, a good snack during the race)
Fig Newton bites-I bought these for Mike, maybe I can tempt him with these about 3am..
1 Gallon of Water. Like the Gatorade, mainly to have in my vehicle pre and post run.

For my pacing duties, it’s primarily the same as what I use during my run. I’ll eat ClifBlok Shots, PB crackers, whatever is in my waistpack. My best snack is going to be homemade peanut brittle made by my cohost, Andrew! My goal is to keep myself sustained while looking out for my runner. I’m going to toss a bag with extra stuff in Mike’s crew caravan in case I want any Ensure or Adrenalin drink.

For the aid station, I bought a bunch of washcloths. I’m bringing a styrofoam cooler, going to fill it full of ice and water, and hand out icy cloths to overheated runners. I also bought a cutting board, so we have something decent to use while cutting up food. I have some quilts and blankets to donate to the race. While you might not think blankets could be needed for a race in the beginning of August, you never know when a runner may catch a chill in the evening hours. Or, if nothing else, more padding to sit or lay on to rest.

I’ve got my clothes ready; aid station clothes; running clothes; post run clothes. I am pretty much ready to go. I’m pysched. This is fun to experience a 100 mile race without “running” the whole thing.