The Truth About my Knee

The storms today kept me to the gym, 4 miles on the elliptical. I was planning on running in the rain, but the lightning made me change my mind.

You people are pretty eagle eyed. You spotted my big bandaged knee. That was actually put on to protect my skinned up knee from the WV trip. Well, I did fall on the knee. While running. Just not during the run.

Ok, drunk old people should not have old songs like Ray Stevens’ The Streak on their iPod. So other drunk old people would not take song to heart and feel they had to participate.

I resisted round one around the parking lot.. I think I was too busy slumped in my camp chair admiring the stars, when my name was called and I was told to participate. Bowing to peer pressure, I ripped off my clothes, (kept my sandals) and followed the other three for a run around the parking lot.

Where I promptly fell and ripped the skin off my left leg. I bounced right up before pictures or help could arrive. Back at the tents, I couldn’t find my shirt, and could feel blood on my leg!! Luckily, my tent was the next one over, so I found an alternate shirt, and tied a tourniquet to my bleeding knee.

Of course my knee bled like a head wound!!! I kept staunching it with a shirt–which, the next morning, looked like I had murdered someone with.

So that’s the story of my split knee. It’s not the trail running that is dangerous, it’s the streaking that commences when the sun goes down.

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