Tuesday Run

Although the temp was about 74 degrees, the humidity was about 98%.I was really hoping for rain, as it would have cleared the air and cooled me down. I did my 9 or 11 mile “around the block” in around 2 hours. I didn’t carry a watch or Garmin, just one of those good runs where it felt good to get out there, although I was wearing a ball cap which just makes my head hot.

Around the halfway point, I found my Montrail bottle of water that I had stashed there…oh about a week ago. I was happy to find it still full and looked okay to drink. Which was good, because I then unscrewed the cap of the hand held I was carrying. I had added Gatorade to this handheld, and it had been in my gym bag for, oh, maybe a week…nice black stuff growing on the sides. Yum!! Well, since I had already drank the bottle, I just added the water to the bottle and went on my merry way. If it doesn’t kill me it will make me stronger.

I almost had a dog altercation. On my way back to town, I run by a house with a dog. Actually dogs on either side, very narrow drive (road/street) between these houses, more like a driveway. I hear the barking as I go by the house. 3 Golden Retrievers are galloping toward me on the left–no worries, there is one of those awful “invisible fences” but the mutt on the other side is total free.
He comes into the road, hackles up. I had no karma with this dog, I have met him before. I am actually raising my water bottle in defense and hissing at this dog repeatedly ” go back. Go HOME. GET BACK” as I continue to move forward slowly. For some reason I wasn’t really scared of this 50 lb mutt, but really annoyed at him. He left me at the bridge, at the end of his property. Hmmmph. I might need to stop in and have a talk with the property owner. This isn’t the first time this dog has challenged me, and this is a normal route I run!

My knee is feeling fine now, thanks for all the concerns. But I believe the streaking will have to be put into the “difficult” category for me and may best be avoided in the future. Snort.

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Run

  1. Josh

    well, you know you can only do the difficult sections when I am around to save you and Mike is around to take pictures, so next time you go streaking just make sure Mike and I are there and you will be fine.

  2. Kim

    Thanks Josh you are just a true friend!! But I think I need to avoid the difficult and streaking sections of the trail-far too dangerous for me. You guys can’t be there all the time!

  3. Mike

    I know….and if you had your normal result on the difficult while streaking, the twins could suffer. Don’t hurt the twins.

    I HATE dogs that bother me while running….

  4. tony

    Kim, I’m with Red, you look great in the backward baseball cap! Sounds like your running is going well, keep it up!


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