Buckeye Trail Run

We went to Cleveland for the weekend, we had a veterans group get together in Hudson Ohio. That meant I was right by the Buckeye Trail…after lunch on Saturday, I excused myself for a nice run. For some reason, I wanted to run from Boston Store to Pine Lane. Gosh, it was a gorgeous day for a run. I was hoping to maybe run into some trail folks out there, but it being Saturday afternoon, I figured all the trail runners had been out and early! Much later I remembered Presque Isle and the Columbus Marathon going on this weekend too..

I was soo glad I got out for a run. I hadn’t run all week long, mainly due to social and business events taking place after work, and actually was pretty exhaused when we hit the hotel room Friday night. I was hoping a nice trail run would revive me! and of course it did. The leaves are prettier, right now, in the Cleveland area, than down my way (south of Cleveland). Such pretty yellows out there! The camera really could not do it justice. It was warm out Saturday also! But so windy too, that I was not getting over heated. Pine Lane needs a water source though. I carried one hand held (I think it’s about 4 miles to Pine Lane from Boston Store?) and it would have been nice to refill about there.

On my way out to Pine Lane, I spotted this poor little turtle-on his back!!!-on the trail. I turned him over, to save his life. And then I noticed, he was a snapping turtle. A wee snapping turtle! He was the size of a half-dollar. Oh great! Now what to do? Flip him back over? I can’t do that, I just changed his life-but he’s a snapping turtle. I just continued on my run. I hope no one’s dogs encounters this turtle when he’s bigger, if he gets bigger!! What a strange creature to encounter.

YOu know, I believe I have only run this section of trail about three times-yet I have such strong memories of it. The winter Buckeye Trail 50K, where Mike and I were just bounding by runners, with our screwed shoes; the summer Buckeye 50K, where it was muddy and slick. I was getting ready to turn around, when I literally recognized the trail coming up to Pine Lane, and knew it was only another 100 meters away. And of course, what northern Ohio runner doesn’t recognize this picture: these are the pine trees, as I understand it from local folklore, that the Girl Scouts planted 50 years ago? It’s a nice pine corridor-full of pine roots. If the roots weren’t there, it would be a great soft, pine needle corridor. Instead, it’s one of those sections where you don’t take your eyes off the trail for a second lest ye become part of the trail.

I returned to Boston Store; my leg did not hurt at all, I had tried to leave several demons on the trail-that didn’t work so well, but I tried- and I was ready to go back to the veterans hospitality room for a celebratory beer for a carb afterwards.
It’s really nice to have such a nice trail, right within the urban center, to run on. It’s too bad the highways are right near by, that to me is the only mar, you don’t have have the quiet trail noises, just the highway sounds.

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  1. Sensationally Red

    Well Shoot! We must have just missed eachother. I ran Boston to almost to Pine before we veered off and became hopelessly lost! It was a beautiful day to be lost! Check out the picture on todays post. It captured the sun just right. Glad you had a nice run. Didn’t see the little snapper–thank goodness. You let me know next time you’ll be in town. I’d love to run with you sometime!


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