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Andrew and I have a new podcast episode available:

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How’s that for shameless promotion? Well,it’s my blog..actually a cool interview with Carey and his Arkansas Traveller 100 Race. It was his race report that made me want to interview him. He just about hit rock bottom, trying to figure where to DNF, then made a huge swing the other way and ended up finishing the race with a PR! You gotta love 100 mile races. Enough time to hit rock bottom, but maybe, if you tough it out, enough time to recover and still finish strong.

And remember, email me, or Andrew, or us at if you would like to be interviewed, know someone that would be cool to talk to, read an interesting race report (we’re also up to reading people’s race reports if they are too shy to talk “live”). Even DNF’s if you are up to it. Heck, I am willing to talk about mine…tough to live with for awhile afterwards, but I am still a “newby” to this ultra thing. Or give us ideas for future podcasts. What is of interest to you out there, in the ultra community?

3 thoughts on “New Podcast Episode Available

  1. Mike


    I would totally be up for an interview if you ever wanted to. We can talk about my DNF at BR100 (which means we have to talk a little about yours at Mo!!!) and we can talk about anything else…my plans…my new plan of a Buckeye Run (did you see it on my blog?)

    You name it, you got me.

  2. Bill


    in RE: to “Into the Wild”
    Good movie. Well worth the $$. Sean Penn did a great job of capturing what I pictured while reading the book. See it, you will love the views. If you’ve read it and enjoyed it I would recommend “the long Walk” can’t recall by who but an awesome read. One of my favorites!!!!

    See ya in PA

  3. Nick

    I just listened to Carey’s interview. It was really cool to hear about his experience out on the trail during a race. I would like to hear about all facets of ultra running. I would like to hear why someone decided they needed to DNF, and how a person got to where they are with ultra running. Interview beginners and veterans alike. I am sure you will get a lot of interesting stories from doing so.


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