No blisters!

Huh? I ran Roy’s “Running with Scissors” FA yesterday at Mohican. We ran about..40 miles. 4 water crossings, one pair of socks and shoes (Injinjis.) No blisters for me!

What did I do different? No tape. Aquaphor on my toes, I tried a Bursatek bandaid on my one heel area that usually develops blisters (it didn’t hold with all the wetness.) But I did wear my Dirty Girl Gaiters the whole run!! Did that help keep all the tiny pebbles and sand out of my shoes? It was the only new thing I did yesterday.

Race report later today!

5 thoughts on “No blisters!

  1. E-Speed

    Only one blister for me but that was actually from my 9 miles run on Saturday. Go figure! Yay for no blisters!

    It was great seeing you yesterday! Email me (I clicked on the little follow up comments, not sure how that works) and I will send you some photos!

  2. Nick

    In all the running shoes that I’ve ever wore, I have NEVER gotten a blister. I buy some of the best Trail shoes out there (Montrail Hardrocks)and I end up getting a blister, even with Injinji’s on.
    A day without blisters is like a day without rain.
    Good job out there.


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