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Much better

After a bunch of sleep, the leg feels much better. Which is good, because it really hurt yesterday. I’m away from home for two days, the hotel I will be at has a pool. If I can skip post dinner business festivities, I may paddle around the hotel pool and hit the hot tub and see if that can help with recovery.

Injuurree Report

Nothing dramatic, nothing cool, no fall down a difficult slope…

Just a re-emergence of the same groin pain as last weekend. About ten steps past mile marker 13 on the Laurel Highlands Trail, a big twinge drew me up short. A few more steps, a few walking steps, made me reassess my plans.

The Laurel Highlands Trail is great! It was perfect weather for running, 39 degrees and a bit windy. I was overdressed to start out, so hard to predict on the first cold running day. I started down the LH Trail, south, toward Ohiopyle. The trail is rocky, rooty, a bit technical. I bet those rocks are slick when wet. I was feeling good, really no twinges or anything.

At mile 15, you run across a wooden bridge:

and the creek bed is really cool-full of huge boulders. I don’t think this picture will do them justice:

I had started the run at mile marker 18.5, and was running south, toward the beginning of the LH, hence the mile markers. I ran past a pond, and hit mile marker 13, when the pain began.

I went on just a bit further, then turned around. I reasoned, if I felt better, going back to the vehicle, I would run some on the north part. But the leg never felt better, in fact it felt worse. I would go through a bit of good shuffling on a downhill, then Bang! a twinge would start up again. This is the groin area, in my inner right thigh. I was developing quite a limp out there on the trail.

The Trail Goddess was very dispirited on her return walk back to the car. I was about giving up running forver, cancelling all future trail races, and going back to eating bon bons and drinking beer.

Andrew talked to me for a good long way on my drive home, pointing out that maybe I have been putting too many miles into one run (well, it was convenient to do so with all these marathons and 50ks around) and maybe I need a bit of a rest, and some shorter miles to do. I have to concur with some of that. Maybe my body just can’t take a marathon or a 50K every weekend.

Of course, with a long drive home, the leg has really seized up. Even walking hurts at the moment, but that should subside. The next three days and evenings are pretty full with work/school stuff, so it’s a forced rest anyways.

Heading Out

Looks like I have a beautiful day for a run, high of 63 degrees.

My last post was about my struggles with weight gain and training. I’ve been having some bad motivational speedbumps lately. Hopefully I am past that.

I bring my own weather with me

“I bring my own weather with me.”

Meaning: I can’t let someone else’s problems bring me down. I have compassion, I have empathy, if I am asked I may offer guidance. But it sure as you-know-what, ain’t going to bring me down or distract me from my destination. I have personal responsibilty to myself to solve and overcome my issues. Just like I expect others to do that to themselves. My goals are bigger than someone else’s victimization or pity party. Conversely I am not going to bring that to my readers.

Protect yourself from soul-suckers and dream killers, even if its yourself. Especially if its yourself. I felt like I did that in my unpublished post. I hope this makes up for it.

Taken from an old journal post of mine. I think I’ve been a soul sucker and dream killer to myself lately. Time to stop doing that.

Last Hot Humid Day of Summer

Well, since it’s fall, we shouldn’t be having 80’s weather and 90% humidity. But we are! Today was a trail run at Mohican; I met up with Nick and Tonya just before 8am and we were off to run the Red-Green Section. As we trudged up the first hill, I was already breaking into a sweat…bleah….it shouldn’t be this humid at 8am!!!

Despite the humidity, it was fall at Mohican, with the leaves beginning to change color and fall.

Nick managed to catch Tonya and I in action:

Despite running on my beloved trails at Mohican, I had a twinge in my groin that started quite early, and was not going anywhere. In my trip preparation the night before, I remembered getting distracted on my way to refilling the drug bag: 3 dogs will do that to you! I swallowed my two lone Advils and continued on. Nick, Tonya and I were having a good time, chatting about upcoming races, and future plans for 2008. Both Nick and Tonya are running 50K’s in the next few weeks.

Tonya is running The Stone Steps 50K in Cinti

and Nick is running Germantown 50K Trail Race in the Dayton area.
So we had fun chatting and getting through Bridle Staging Area, where we noticed there were already horse people out for the day-good idea in the hot weather. I was still not having too much problem through the first water crossings. Nick enjoyed the cooler water of the creek to cool down his knees for a minute at the second water crossing:

As we got to the third water crossing on the red section, we came across the sign:
As trail runners, we of course did not think this applied to us, and continued on our way!

Actually, the area being worked on was right past the water hole. If you remember, there was a big ole mud hole as you started down this section. They have now laid drainage pipes and gravel and improved on this area.

My leg was not feeling much better as we ran toward South Park. I was seriously thinking about tanking the rest of the run, taking a 4 mile shortcut on the road back to my car. I got a couple of Execedrin from Nick and continued on. Nick’s energy level was lagging, so Tonya went on ahead while Nick and I continued at our slow poke pace.
We finally caught up to Tonya at the Fire Tower, where she had been napping, waiting for us. At this point, the Execdrin and the fact that we had two miles left to run kicked in, and the leg started hurting less. It still ached, but at least I was running on it.

We finished up our 21 mile trail run, in the last humid day of 2007-we hope!

Blood Work is Back

After my amusing/embarrassing blood draw this morning…I can stick needles into my blisters, needles under my toenails, rip toenails off, but every time they draw blood out of me..I go down. She had almost finished with all her vials of blood when the ringing in my ears got louder, and I said “I feel faint”. She said ok, let me know if it gets worse. “It’s getting worse. I’m going to faint.” I put my head down on my lap, which didn’t help. They got me into the lounge chair and put my feet up, cold compresses, and I came around within a couple of minutes. I don’t know what it is. Getting a shot is okay, but usually drawing blood out of me just doesn’t work.

So I peaked at my results, and my cholesterol is 180. Anything below 200 is good. My good cholesterol was high, and bad cholesterol was average. My triglycerides are 56, almost non-existent; the healthy eating is treating me right!
My iron level is excellent, so I can’t whine about being borderline anemic any more. I’ll have to ask the doc if we need to tweak my thyroid medication, that number was just slightly off. Oh, and then I had a hearing evaluation later the same day, all is good. All systems working!

I got in a trail run yesterday after work, my little trail around the golf course. As I was just getting off the trail, another runner burst through the trees and scared me! Wow, the first other runner I’ve seen out on “my trail”!!!

Weekend Running Plans

It’s back to Mohican this weekend for a run! We are planning a 24ish mile run on Sunday. Maybe starting at 8am. Run the Red-Green Loop, back to the Covered Bridge, and then run the Blue Loop. It’s Nick, Tonya, and myself so far. Josh sounds interested. Anyone else up for a nice trail run in the fast turning foliage? A good training run for Runs with Scissors at the end of the month?

Today I ended up at the gym after my haircut. I did some time on the stairstepper-I love that machine, it really works the legs! and then 2 miles on the elliptical. My legs are back to normal after the marathon, I feel fine. Why do people take vast amounts of time off after a marathon? (Maybe, Kim, not everyone is training for an ultra…nah, that couldn’t be it, ultra training is too much fun!)