Running With Scissiors 2007 Part One

This Sunday was just beautiful, it was in the 40’s when we started…
My alarm did not go off, so I awoke at 3`15 am (I meant to get up at 3 am) but I was out the door at four. A good thing, as my road is still on a detour. I had a horse in the road (not expecting that!!!) and six deer just 6 miles on my way out of town!!

No worries I pull in at the CB at 605 to a huge hug from Mikey. We’re up for the 1/2 mile hike uphill to the shelter where Roy is kicking off the run. (We’re doing loops so I know the CB is the best place to leave your vehicle.)

Mike and I recieve the pre-race speech from RD Obi-Wan Roy Heger…I know the course so I don’t need the as much instructions as others…
Well maybe we look like we’re sleeping, but we’re just ready to get out of there~!

Mike and I leave just ten minutes off our scheduled time of 630 am. We have a blast running on the orange loop by ourselves, catching up on each others lives. Mike and I run about the same pace (Mike’s actually faster but I think he hangs with me) which is probably good for his long races. At mile marker 2, which is almost to the Campground, we run into a confused runner. I am confused, because I am pretty sure it’s Ron Ross…Mohican finisher 12 times…but Ron’s got lost on the orange loop here…We take Ron with us, on the short downhill to the Campground A. Since this is a switchback, we hear runners above us…oh no, we are getting caught!! By runners that started 1 hour after us!!! It’s Gabe and Reg, my ultra running neighbors (next towns over) and Ted, who have steered this two straight! I am amused at how Mo veterans are getting so lost on the trails. It’s a good thing Mike is sticking with the Trail Goddess-I know my Mo trails 4 seasons out!

4 thoughts on “Running With Scissiors 2007 Part One

  1. Mike

    It is totally the weekend for getting lost….Chef Bill and I got lost on the Buckeye Trail last night…

    Kim, I had an awesome time with you! Without your guidance I would surely have problems with some of those trails….a few more runs there though and it will be coming together!


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