Running with Scissors Part Two

I stopped for a bathroom break on the orange, and when I emerged from the treeline, I heard a “Is that Kimba??” being yelled. It was Elizabeth aka E-speed out for her first Mohican run. Right behind her is my old friend Rob “Buckeye” Powell making sure E-speed didn’t get lost on the loop! We’re almost to the Covered Bridge for a refuel break, and Frank, another BR and Mo veteran joins us. It’s quite the merry band as we head on the blue loop (hereafter to be referred to as the Purple Loop in honor of Colleen Theush, our longtime Mohican supporter/historian/cheerleader extranadoire.)

It’s always fun to run the blue loop with people, and Cory joined us also, then went back to get more runners. Bob Combs, Race Director of the YUT-C 50K and Tonya Cady, Race Director of the Winter Buckeye Trail 50K caught up to us. It was nice to chat with these two again.

We’re done pretty quickly with the Blue Loop, cuz it’s only four miles long, then head for the long section, the Red-Green Section, which is 21 miles. We head up the biiig hill on the Red, that everyone hates, and get lots of comments about the blow downs (trees!) on the trail. This is a section that will be changed next year, to follow the Mountain Bike Trail.
Bob ends up running with Mike and I for the rest of the race. This was great, because Bob is a really good runner, and I’ve never gotten to spend much time with him (cuz he’s usually long gone!). Bob is thinking of running Mohican, and wanted to scope out the trails. He’s another trail lover, and doesn’t like to run roads.

Mike has been talking about his pilot friend Tyler, who is supposed to drive up from Columbus to meet and run with Mike for a little bit, and sure enough, Tyler has made his way out on the trail to meet up with us! This is really funny to me, cuz I know all about Tyler, aka “Jetpack” since I have listened to his podcasts and heard all about him also through Zen and the Art of Triathalon I already knew he had just finished Ironman Wisconsin!

There are alot of horses out on the trails today. In fact, this is the most horses I have seen out here, and we runners are trying to be courteous as we keep leap frogging with the horses. I stopped for a bathroom break, as Tyler tried to find a dry spot to ford the creek. Bob and Mike took it all in stride to soak their calves as they waited.

Tyler wasn’t planning on spending all this time out on the trail, so when we crossed a major road intersection, I directed him up it to get back to his car. I didn’t mention the big huge steep uphill (well he didn’t ask) and actually my estimate of 2-3 miles was more like 4-5 miles….hey he’s an IRONMAN should be no problem!!!

Mike is fading a bit after this. I offer him Advil and he remembers an Energy Shot he’s been carrying..Wow, 10 minutes after that, he’s off rather briskly. Bob is still in great shape, and just goading the two of us on. I actually am just really tired. Nothing hurts (important!!) and mentally, my normal trail attitude is still there.

I have to take another bathroom break less than 1/4 mile from the CB finish…so I came DFL…okay by me…actually Bob Drake’s DNF report was the best!

After running for…almost 11 hours, we opt to drive our cars to the shelter at the top of the hill instead of tromping up the hill as originally planned. Roy is waiting for the only two 52+ runners, Regis and Gabe, as the rest of us have dropped at the 60K mark, since it would be dark and cold and frankly, we’d ran enough!

Thanks to Roy for putting on a really nice race, we’ll do it again next year!

8 thoughts on “Running with Scissors Part Two

  1. Nick

    Thanks for the update Kim,
    Good to hear everyone had fun out there.
    I’ve always wanted to try one of those 5 hour energy shots, but was afraid I would be up for days on end.

  2. E-Speed

    Great report! I’m glad we got to run together!

    You are the trail goddess for sure! Without your nutritional goodies I would have been a goner out there!

  3. Jetpack


    When you make it to FL someday I can’t wait to give you some directions (wink wink) 🙂 No long hills but plenty of blue hairs to worry about. :0

    Good times. Now I have to go sign up for ANOTHER podcasts to if I don’t have enough to do.


  4. Addy

    sounds like an awesome event and run! FA events are great, and how nice to do one on such a familiar trail. Glad you guys had such a great day


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