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They are not my Dogs!

I’ve finally calmed down enough to write a post. I started out this morning, with the intention of an 11 mile run to town, stop at my gym and refill water bottles, and then take a new route home, about 11 miles too, to get a good 22 mile run in.

The yellow lab and Malamute looking dog jumped out of their yard and followed me around mile 5. I kept yelling at them to go home. They stayed with me. They walked up the 1/2 mile hill with me. I turned onto the road toward town, still with my running companions. Ok, now what to do? The dogs were now about 2 miles from home, and I’ve now turned onto a new road.I want to stay on my original route, but I know these dogs will follow me, into town, into traffic. I’ve already gotten glares from people in cars as these two dogs cavort across the road They’re not my dogs people!

I decide to take a side road, which will just cut a few miles out of my run, make a loop, and take me back by the dog’s house.
They are good dogs; the yellow lab is young, and I can see she’s getting tired, because she’s now staying almost on my heels.
We finally get back to their house. I bang on the door. No answer. However, I can see someone in blaze orange, up on the hill behind the house. I try to leave, and the dogs follow. I start hollering at them to stay home. I go about fifteen feet down the road, and finally hear someone yelling for the dogs at the house!
I run back to the house with the two dogs. A woman is coming out of the woods with her muzzleoader. I tell her the dogs have been with me for at least 8 mile run around the block. She apologizes, and says the yellow lab is her son’s. She says she will hold onto the dogs as I leave.

Well did she think I was Jesse Owens or someone? I probably get about fifty feet down the road and I hear the yellow lab catching up to me again. I keep walking away, thinking that certainly they’re going to come down the road, any minute now, since they know the dog is following me.

Nothing. I get about 1/4 mile down the road. I’m getting good and pissed now. On this route, I will go under a highway bridge and start up a hill, the dog will probably be in unfamiliar territory. I don’t need to adopt another dog.

I do the only thing that will keep this dog from following me. I get the cell phone out and call for extraction. If I hop into a car and drive away, the dog can’t follow. I call my husband, tell him where I am, and start walking back to the owner’s house. I figure I will just hang out there until he shows up, so the dog is where she’s supposed to be. And probably become hypothermic, because I’m sweaty and it’s cold. I figure I can pace in a rage back and forth in front of their house.

It’s not the dog’s fault. She was a very nice little lab.

As I fume back up the road, a man on a 4 wheeler finally approaches. I ask him if this is his dog and says yes, and I let him have it. I haven’t snarled like this at someone in a long time. His eyes just pop open as I wheel around and stomp down the road. I really wanted to hit him with a 2X4, I was that pissed. I just happen to be such a dog lover, that I wanted to make sure this nice dog got off the road before getting hit or dognapped. Or maybe he didn’t care. I had 1/2 a mind to continue on home with this young dog and add it to my pack.

As I stomp/run down the road, a dog at a different house comes out. I ignore it altogether. I’m so pissed off at dog owners that don’t care or are too STUPID to keep track of their dog, well, this dog is on its own. Heck, it could probably get hit and no one would even notice.

Even though I am now alone, my husband is still on his way to get me, so my run was over. I hate it when a run ends on a sour note, although I’m almost done being pissed…

Good things about my run: I got my Perpeteum out and filled a bottle with it. Although I don’t know how far I ran today, it was time on my feet for about 3 hours. The only nutrition was the Perpeteum and it really worked well.
I took an Aleve before I ran, and only my hamstring and piriformis hurt. I may try and get a massage on my legs and rear next week. No groin issue, my stride was okay.
It was still time on my feet, and I went down a new side road that would be good to run out. No hostile dogs, because me and my running companions already encountered all the loose dogs in the neighborhood. (A rottweiler joined my two on the run, and his owner came down the road in a vehicle to get him! At least they noticed their dog was missing!)

Planning for your Race

Rocky Raccoon is 1 month away. I took stock of my assorted running gear and supplies, and I found I was pretty empty in some categories.

Clif Blok Shots-I prefer these over the gels. I am completely out of these.

Clothing-should not be a problem, wide variety of tops and bottoms. I will be wearing my Injinji socks, with spares in the drop bags. One word of caution that I have received from several Rocky veterans is the temperature drop when the sun goes down. We’ll be running around a lake, and with the wind, humidity, and cold, you can go hyperthermic if you are not prepared. I will make sure to bring spare hats and gloves, my windshirt.

Shoes-I have looked over my shoes, and I have two pair of Saucony that I should be fine with. I do need to affix velcro to the back of one pair, so I can wear my .Dirty Girl Gaiters with either pair. I love my Dirty Girls!

Lights-Rocky Raccoon will be run more in the dark than the light. I have a Myo Petzl light which I have used and is fine. I am also bringing another light, to have in a drop bag, in case something happens to Light # 1. I will also have a 1 or 2 small hand flashlights, just in case, in drop bags. Plus. of course, spare batteries. Of course, watch your lithium batteries! It seems like the AA and AAA will be fine.

SO why am I concerned about checking food, lights, socks this far in advance? Can’t I just over to the closest REI and pick these items up? Uh, no. I live here: Although we do have electricity, some dubious phone lines, and a tenous satellite internet connection (it goes out when it rains) there are no running stores within a 70 miles. Or a sporting goods store with what I need. So to shop online, I got to do it early to make sure it will show up on time.

Next, to sit down and think about drop bags and aid stations at Rocky!

It’s Cold when the Sun goes Down

I got out for an 8 mile run after work. Temperatures were mild, so it was the pink running skirt and long sleeved red YUT-C shirt. Very comfortable until the last loop in the park, where the sun sank behind the hills. The walkers in the park, bundled in their hats, mittens, heavy coats, and pants, just kind of stared at my bare legs.

My hands thawed out eventually in the hot shower!

I may be looking at a run in Laurel Highlands over the holiday weekend. I’m just not prepared enough (from a dog-sitting point of view) to line up a dog sitter for two days away. Especially around NY Eve. Because 18 year-olds have social lives!

Reindeer Run December 23 Mohican

(L to R: Regis, Brad, Kimba, Don, Steve, Rob, Mitch-Nick in front)

8 hardy (and foolish) ultra runners showed up for a Reindeer Run at Mohican on Sunday December 23. This actually was all Steve’s idea; he was up from North Carolina visiting relatives nearby and wanted to run on some of the Mo course, since he’s going to run the Mohican 100 in June! We assured Steve that our weather did indeed suck, but to just wait, because it would probably stop raining and start snowing any moment. (Hey, the sun even blinked on for a minute!)

It was raining as we started. We ran the mountain bike trail right out of the Covered Bridge. This trail is on the opposite side of the river as the Blue (Purple) Loop; there is a sign for the Pleasant Hill Dam. You start down that trail, and almost turn off to the right and follow the mountain bike trail, which is well marked with white plastic pipe and mile markers.

This is a change to the official race course; there’s been much chatter on this. The Trail Goddess gives this new section two thumbs up!
For the folks who love the steep big hill that starts the orange loop, no worries. You will get lots of ups and downs on this new section; probably more cimb total than that big initial climb. No more road; the mountain bike section links up at mile 8, where the “old Mo orange loop” has been traditionally linking up with the mountain bike trail. It’s single track, up and down, on a very nice trail.
What is nice, if someone is not real familiar with the Mo Course, you can now come down to Mohican and run the orange loop and probably not get lost.

Speaking of lost, Mitch came back up the trail as we stopped to munch Pringles and refill water bottles at Hickory Ridge..he had somehow lost Rob, who was running in front of him, but he knew we were behind him, so Mitch ran with Steve, Nick and myself and we had some nice conversations. Of course, the rain was pouring down at this time. When we hit the ridgeline, and the wind gusts hit, it made you run a little faster to get back down into the hollows and out of the wind!

About three miles to the Campground, Nick disapeared on us. His wheaties must have kicked in, because he sped up and we didn’t see him again until the Covered Bridge!

Raccoons 2, Kimba 0

At Campground A I had water, Pringles,and cookies stashed. We found the water and chips, and I finally spotted the cookie wrapped in the parking lot. Somehow I don’t think the guys ripped into it with their teeth. Sigh. All cookies were gone. At least the raccoons had a nice Christmas present. Next time, I shall place the cookies in a plastic tight container! I will have cookies at an cache again! Note: I’ve stashed unopened Pringles containers on the trail and not accessed them until two weeks was still unopened!
When I started down the Hemlock Gorge Trail, my right leg again started to act up. I had been taking Advil for it, because it had been hurting on my run the day before. When it hurts, it affects my running stride, where I start to kind of limp along. I’m still not sure exactly what is hurting; it’s a hard area to pinpoint. I dropped a bit back after this, and actually this section isn’t exactly easy to run through.

I stopped after this loop, and didn’t run any farther. Regis was already done, lounging in my vehicle reading old Trailrunner magazines. I knew with my gimp that it would be a long slow 4 miles, so I stopped too, and got home from a trail run at a decent time.

I did some research on the ultra list and internet last night, trying to pinpoint my leg problem. I still don’t know. It’s become a concern because I have Rocky Raccoon fast approaching, and I don’t want to struggle through the race with this. I’m going to incorporate more stretching of the legs in hopes of getting this to diminish.

New Road to Run on

I ventured out this morning to explore the side road next to the road I live on. I wasn’t quite sure how long it was, but it makes a horseshoe (hence the name of the road, Horseshoe Bend Road) back to the main road, so a loop course.

What a great training road! Up and down hills, quiet quiet car passed me. This road, mainly Amish families live on, so I got quite a few heads peeking out to see the English* chick in the pink running skirt going by.

The only drawback is, the loop is only about 3.5 miles long, so my run only ended up being 5 miles long. So much for the idea of a 20, when I returned to the house it was time to feed the nephews.

Tomorrow is a run at Mohican, it looks like a windy, wet day-lots of fun!

*Amish call all non-Amish people “the English”.

Episode Nine of Trails and Tribulations is Available!

Okay, when it rains, it pours. After a 1 1/2 month of no output, Andrew and I managed two podcasts in one week!

This is an interivew with Lynn David Newton about the “Across the Years” race. Lynn is very informative and this is a good interview. I’ve learned alot about timed races, having never done one myself. Andrew and I are really hoping to get back to a regular schedule of podcasting. It’s something we both enjoy doing, and we’re happy to hear that the running community that is listening seems to think so also!

Mikey emailed me to enquire about my training this week, no worries, I have been getting workouts in, just not blogging about them so much.

My quads really have been bricks until today. I did workouts every day except Wednesday, that was my day off. Today, I left work early, and enjoyed the mild temperatures and ran in the local park system, on the bike trail. It was a nice mindless 8 mile run with the Zune and podcasts. My shins felt tight originally, but that was probably due to the running terrain.
My normal hinky right leg, though, acted up. It actually started hurting around noon (before running!!_) I took some Advil, and at least I didn’t ruin my form while running. But while the groin pain subsided, it moved to my hamstring, and then invaded up my butt cheek. Where is the massage therapist for the piriformis when you need him/her?

We’ve lucked into a bit of mild weather here in Ohio. It should be in the 50’s Saturday, so I am hoping to get a 20 mile run in, and then run about 20 miles for my Reindeer Run at Mohican on Sunday. That would be a good back to back run for me. Then maybe, one or two more long runs (hopefully at least a 50K) before I taper down for Rocky!

The Doctor Appointment

All went well. Which means, my doctor concurred with my diagnosis and only had one recommendation to add to my drug therapy.

I do have excerised induced asthma. Symptoms during or following exercise include the following:

Chest tightness or pain
Shortness of breath
Underperformance or poor performance on the field of play
Prolonged recovery time
Gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort

I seem to have what is termed, the “late response”. This phase occurs 3-9 hours after the initial exercise challenge, and unlike the refractory phase, the late phase manifests as an increase in symptoms, with cough, wheezing, or shortness of breath.

I have used the albuterol inhaler, but during the Slim Pickins run in November, I was not getting any relief with just the albuterol.

So I am going to try Singulair, an oral medication, which will help with the inflammatory response, and Advair, which has two components, which helps with the inflammatory response and also the bronchodilation.

I have to like my doctor. After her initial headshaking about my running, she mentioned me getting the Advair in a MDI form (inhaler) instead of the diskus, because I might want to carry it during my next 100…because it is dosed twice a day, and I will probably need doses 2 and 3 during Rocky!

I am also not going to take these drugs daily. I’m going to take them a few days before a planned long run, and continue a few days afterwards, and see if that helps. So my first long “test” run will be this Sunday.

I posted my asthma plight on the Ultra List, and have gotten some insightful (and scary!) tales of others who have the same situation. I’m not alone out there!