Episode Nine of Trails and Tribulations is Available!

Okay, when it rains, it pours. After a 1 1/2 month of no output, Andrew and I managed two podcasts in one week!

This is an interivew with Lynn David Newton about the “Across the Years” race. Lynn is very informative and this is a good interview. I’ve learned alot about timed races, having never done one myself. Andrew and I are really hoping to get back to a regular schedule of podcasting. It’s something we both enjoy doing, and we’re happy to hear that the running community that is listening seems to think so also!

Mikey emailed me to enquire about my training this week, no worries, I have been getting workouts in, just not blogging about them so much.

My quads really have been bricks until today. I did workouts every day except Wednesday, that was my day off. Today, I left work early, and enjoyed the mild temperatures and ran in the local park system, on the bike trail. It was a nice mindless 8 mile run with the Zune and podcasts. My shins felt tight originally, but that was probably due to the running terrain.
My normal hinky right leg, though, acted up. It actually started hurting around noon (before running!!_) I took some Advil, and at least I didn’t ruin my form while running. But while the groin pain subsided, it moved to my hamstring, and then invaded up my butt cheek. Where is the massage therapist for the piriformis when you need him/her?

We’ve lucked into a bit of mild weather here in Ohio. It should be in the 50’s Saturday, so I am hoping to get a 20 mile run in, and then run about 20 miles for my Reindeer Run at Mohican on Sunday. That would be a good back to back run for me. Then maybe, one or two more long runs (hopefully at least a 50K) before I taper down for Rocky!

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