Good workout!

5 miles on the elliptical trainer, I cranked the resistance up on it. Then I walked a 1/2 mile on the treadmill while I waited for a girlie to finish playing on the stairclimber-you’re not working out at the gym wearing jeans and sandals. She lasted about three minutes on it.
The strike was settled in about 3 hours yesterday, the nurses ratified their contract. Glad to be back to doing my normal stuff again. And going to the NEO Trails FA this weekend!

4 thoughts on “Good workout!

  1. Kim

    Ha! on you. I think there is a quirt-or whatever there is called in my one horse barn~I shall bring it.

    I wouldn’t want to get my nice whip out in the snow..

  2. Mike

    That’s ok, I am not worth the nice whip mistress (Wait, I am confused, I thought it was Goddess?)

    Anyways, I am hoping for tolerable weather. I will have the Bug well stocked for our aid stations…I would hope we can run a good portion of the day together! (just keep whipping me!)


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