Mild Weather!!!!

$%^$@#$$!!! I walk out of work-it’s warm!!!! It had to be fifty degrees!!! And no rain!!

And did I have proper running gear? Nooooooo. (That means I had everything but the proper running bra. And if you are missing that, forget it.) The workout plan for the day was core workout and weight training, so I brought that clothing.

Workout was good. I know I am getting back into the core workouts it when I can do the chair thing-but I do it with my legs straight out in front of me-when I can do 2 sets of 10 in a row.
I’m slowly working back up to three sets.
I had gone onto the next machine when another woman hopped onto the captain’s chair. She did some work on it, then went to the Roman chair beside me. She then remarked “you must have been doing that for awhile!” I told her it wasn’t easy. I guess I don’t realize how much I am watched at the gym (since I really don’t care.) I had another woman comment on my time on the elliptical, she told me she could only last a few minutes. That woman didn’t of course, know about my endurance. Some of the gym goers know what I do, in a kind of fuzzy way. They pretty much shake their head when someone (not me) tells them what I do for fun.

Oh okay, back to workout, just core, and weights. My arms did feel a bit like jelly when done, so that is a good thing!

5 thoughts on “Mild Weather!!!!

  1. Sensationally Red

    Do you just stop telling people that you run a 100 miles through the woods for fun? I still shake my head at the thought and I hang around you ultra runners on a regular basis! Cool looking ab. gadgets! It rained all day here! Lucky that you escaped in your parts. BTW…I’m due for the full spa treatment…

  2. Kim

    You deserve the full spa treatment!!!

    Yah, I don’t advertise the fact that I run through the woods fer fun…or 100 miles…enough people like to tell that..

    Nobody wants to go for my “run around the block” here though. It’s usually only 4 or 11 miles, depending on route!

  3. Dana

    I have the same mild weather here in the VA. It’s supposed to be in the low 70’s today & it was near 80’s on Monday! Craziness! I have been running for about 9 months(done a bunch of 5ks) & I am training for my 1st 10k in Spring 08. I am constantly trying to keep my core workouts up as I add on the miles. I love that “chair” ab machine that you have pictured. I have the same one at my gym & it’s killer!


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