New Road to Run on

I ventured out this morning to explore the side road next to the road I live on. I wasn’t quite sure how long it was, but it makes a horseshoe (hence the name of the road, Horseshoe Bend Road) back to the main road, so a loop course.

What a great training road! Up and down hills, quiet quiet car passed me. This road, mainly Amish families live on, so I got quite a few heads peeking out to see the English* chick in the pink running skirt going by.

The only drawback is, the loop is only about 3.5 miles long, so my run only ended up being 5 miles long. So much for the idea of a 20, when I returned to the house it was time to feed the nephews.

Tomorrow is a run at Mohican, it looks like a windy, wet day-lots of fun!

*Amish call all non-Amish people “the English”.

4 thoughts on “New Road to Run on

  1. tony

    A group of runners used to go to Amish country and run a very hilly 2o miler each year. The Amish in their black and white clothes would stop and stare at us in our bright greens and reds and blues…and mirrored sunglasses, etc. They must’ve wondered…those crazy runners!


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