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Firm Those Thighs

Yes I did get a workout in today, after my doctor’s appointment..mainly core work,stayed away from my legs.
I was walking on the treadmill, at the gym (my warm up) and reading some article about “firming up your thighs.” Funny, I haven’t thought about them as my thighs, forever now. I recognize them as their separate muscle groups, and, I am happy to brag, I was admiring the cuts in my quads as I worked out today!
Huh. Firm up your thighs. Go run 20 miles on some hills. At least once a week. That will firm those thighs!

Reindeer Run Mohican Sunday December 23rd

Come one, come all. We’re running at Mohican this Sunday, December 23. We’ll meet at the usual meeting spot, The Covered Bridge

We’re planning on running the “Orange Loop” of the Mohican Trail 100 Course. One of the course changes for 2008 was to follow the Mountain Bike Trail right out of the Covered Bridge, instead of going up the “Big Hill” and down the road, where the Mo Course meets up with the Bike Trail, and you then follow the Mtn Bike Trail.

Meet at the Covered Bridge. We’ll leave promptly (more or less) at 8 am. If you show up late, and you know where we’re going-catch up!
The Mountain Bike Trail is on the right side of the river, opposite side of where the Lyons Trails are (opposite side of river from where Blue Loop is run). I’ve never picked up the trail starting here, but it will be marked with the white PVC Pipe like the rest of the Mountain Bike Trail.

Running the Orange Loop will keep your feet dry..until the Hemlock Gorge Trail, which is the last two miles back to the Covered Bridge. With the rains we’ve had lately, I expect some of the trail to look like this:

Yes, this is the trail, last winter. But no worries, I didn’t freeze my feet, so neither should you!

The Orange Loop is about 17 miles. We are excluding the little jaunt down to the Gristmill. I will drop water and cookies at Campground A, which is Mile 14, and also by the road around mile 4. If anyone wants to drive the long road up to where the Hickory Ridge Aid Station is, that would be cool, that would be about 10 miles in.

Then I’m planning on the Blue Loop—which has just recently been renamed the Purple Loop in honor of Colleen Theusch, our historian and biggest Mohican Supporter. The waterfalls should be very pretty on the loop right now!


I didn’t make the 50 miler, but did do the 50K, at Gombu’s insistence..more on that later..

This was the annual December FA of the NEO Trails Club. Since a winter storm was predicted for the day, and I wasn’t sure about ice conditions at Mill Park, I decided to screw my shoes. (This is a pic from the March 2007 FA, to show you the ice there!)

We had about 13 runners out for the FA-I will know more when Mike posts his pics. We took a quick pic at the start and got out on the course. Bob, Joe, and Dan ran with me for the first mile or so, and gave me lots of pointers about Massanutten. Most of it boiled down to losing weight and running more. It’s a pretty simple plan!! And get down to Virginia and run on the actual course, so I need to start looking at 2008 weekend plans.

My leg started to feel really bad just a few miles into the run. I popped some Advil, hoping it would take effect quickly. It was really hurting to run, and I was changing my stride to try and compensate. Faceplant caught up to me and Mike on the Monkey Trails, and as he is another multiple Massanutten finisher, he got me some advice and talk about MMT before he pulled away from us.

Mike and I started the second loop and I still felt like crap. In fact, I was thinking of re-evaluating how I felt after the second loop to see if I was going to run a third. But, then a miracle occurred, into the third lap. I actually started to feel good. The Advil must have kicked in and the food helped, because I really felt like my normal running self. (This is now about 18 miles in.) It’s a good thing Mike was running with me, because I probably could have made enough whiny excuses to myself to stop after two loops, and I wouldn’t have known I would feel better later! See, another ultra epiphany. Hang in there. The low may go away. Eventually. Mine did!

Mike and I also started chatting about the rest of the run. Most runners were stopping at the 50K mark. I looked at my watch, and told Mike I was going to stop after the third loop, about 24 miles. Mike tried to talk me into running at least a few more miles, to get a marathon in, but I said I was good with the 7-8 hours of running. Mike said he would do another loop, alone, to get his ultra in.

We get back to the parking lot, where Bob has hot soup for us. I tell Bob I am stopping, and he wants to know why. I really don’t have a good excuse. Bob then starts on me, telling me I am weak, I need to get these miles in for Massanutten, I’ll never finish if I don’t get back out there, every time I run 5 miles I should run two more…

“Fine! I’ll go run another loop with Mike!”

Bob got us more soup, telling us to shut up and get back out there, as he continued to talk. The snow started to fall, lightly, then more heavily. Mike and I got back out there….

Gombu and Jillian Michaels, fraternal twins separated at birth???

The Fourth Loop….

Was beautiful! The snow was falling, fast and heavy. It made the Monkey Trails very challenging. I fell five times on the last Monkey Loop, giving me a total of 7 falls for the day. I have a nice bruise on my arm-there must have been a good sized rock under the snow and leaves.

I really didn’t have breathing issues until the last loop. I noticed I was wheezing quite a bit (my doctor’s appt is Monday-yes made one month ago!) but knowing I was almost done I wasn’t too concerned-or actually, there was nothing to do about it. I’m going to try and do some research on endurance athletes and asthma-this really doesn’t seem to begin until hours into a run.

Mike and I finished up, at 535 pm, so a very long 50K time, 33 miles in 10.35 hours.

Thanks Bob and Mike for making me get out there on the last loop!

Today’s weather forecast

“Becoming partly cloudy after some morning rain. High 41F. Winds N at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 90%. Rainfall around a quarter of an inch.”Well, I’m bringing the outside running gear anyways. We’ll see.

In other running related news, Andrew and I recorded a podcast last night! We talked about his race at Sunmart, and a little about Rocky Raccoon, which is on the same course as Sunmart.

Mild Weather!!!!

$%^$@#$$!!! I walk out of work-it’s warm!!!! It had to be fifty degrees!!! And no rain!!

And did I have proper running gear? Nooooooo. (That means I had everything but the proper running bra. And if you are missing that, forget it.) The workout plan for the day was core workout and weight training, so I brought that clothing.

Workout was good. I know I am getting back into the core workouts it when I can do the chair thing-but I do it with my legs straight out in front of me-when I can do 2 sets of 10 in a row.
I’m slowly working back up to three sets.
I had gone onto the next machine when another woman hopped onto the captain’s chair. She did some work on it, then went to the Roman chair beside me. She then remarked “you must have been doing that for awhile!” I told her it wasn’t easy. I guess I don’t realize how much I am watched at the gym (since I really don’t care.) I had another woman comment on my time on the elliptical, she told me she could only last a few minutes. That woman didn’t of course, know about my endurance. Some of the gym goers know what I do, in a kind of fuzzy way. They pretty much shake their head when someone (not me) tells them what I do for fun.

Oh okay, back to workout, just core, and weights. My arms did feel a bit like jelly when done, so that is a good thing!

Good workout!

5 miles on the elliptical trainer, I cranked the resistance up on it. Then I walked a 1/2 mile on the treadmill while I waited for a girlie to finish playing on the stairclimber-you’re not working out at the gym wearing jeans and sandals. She lasted about three minutes on it.
The strike was settled in about 3 hours yesterday, the nurses ratified their contract. Glad to be back to doing my normal stuff again. And going to the NEO Trails FA this weekend!