Planning for your Race

Rocky Raccoon is 1 month away. I took stock of my assorted running gear and supplies, and I found I was pretty empty in some categories.

Clif Blok Shots-I prefer these over the gels. I am completely out of these.

Clothing-should not be a problem, wide variety of tops and bottoms. I will be wearing my Injinji socks, with spares in the drop bags. One word of caution that I have received from several Rocky veterans is the temperature drop when the sun goes down. We’ll be running around a lake, and with the wind, humidity, and cold, you can go hyperthermic if you are not prepared. I will make sure to bring spare hats and gloves, my windshirt.

Shoes-I have looked over my shoes, and I have two pair of Saucony that I should be fine with. I do need to affix velcro to the back of one pair, so I can wear my .Dirty Girl Gaiters with either pair. I love my Dirty Girls!

Lights-Rocky Raccoon will be run more in the dark than the light. I have a Myo Petzl light which I have used and is fine. I am also bringing another light, to have in a drop bag, in case something happens to Light # 1. I will also have a 1 or 2 small hand flashlights, just in case, in drop bags. Plus. of course, spare batteries. Of course, watch your lithium batteries! It seems like the AA and AAA will be fine.

SO why am I concerned about checking food, lights, socks this far in advance? Can’t I just over to the closest REI and pick these items up? Uh, no. I live here: Although we do have electricity, some dubious phone lines, and a tenous satellite internet connection (it goes out when it rains) there are no running stores within a 70 miles. Or a sporting goods store with what I need. So to shop online, I got to do it early to make sure it will show up on time.

Next, to sit down and think about drop bags and aid stations at Rocky!

2 thoughts on “Planning for your Race

  1. AnthonyP

    I love this post. I take it that you are doing RR100, right ? I’ll be doing RR50, and then pop back out on the course to pace one of the 100-mile participants for the latter part of her race.

    I’ll be hanging around the Dreamchaser’s table at registration if you want to stop by.


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