Reindeer Run Mohican Sunday December 23rd

Come one, come all. We’re running at Mohican this Sunday, December 23. We’ll meet at the usual meeting spot, The Covered Bridge

We’re planning on running the “Orange Loop” of the Mohican Trail 100 Course. One of the course changes for 2008 was to follow the Mountain Bike Trail right out of the Covered Bridge, instead of going up the “Big Hill” and down the road, where the Mo Course meets up with the Bike Trail, and you then follow the Mtn Bike Trail.

Meet at the Covered Bridge. We’ll leave promptly (more or less) at 8 am. If you show up late, and you know where we’re going-catch up!
The Mountain Bike Trail is on the right side of the river, opposite side of where the Lyons Trails are (opposite side of river from where Blue Loop is run). I’ve never picked up the trail starting here, but it will be marked with the white PVC Pipe like the rest of the Mountain Bike Trail.

Running the Orange Loop will keep your feet dry..until the Hemlock Gorge Trail, which is the last two miles back to the Covered Bridge. With the rains we’ve had lately, I expect some of the trail to look like this:

Yes, this is the trail, last winter. But no worries, I didn’t freeze my feet, so neither should you!

The Orange Loop is about 17 miles. We are excluding the little jaunt down to the Gristmill. I will drop water and cookies at Campground A, which is Mile 14, and also by the road around mile 4. If anyone wants to drive the long road up to where the Hickory Ridge Aid Station is, that would be cool, that would be about 10 miles in.

Then I’m planning on the Blue Loop—which has just recently been renamed the Purple Loop in honor of Colleen Theusch, our historian and biggest Mohican Supporter. The waterfalls should be very pretty on the loop right now!

5 thoughts on “Reindeer Run Mohican Sunday December 23rd

  1. Nick

    Hey Kim, Actually, the trails do look like the picture you put up there. It is very wet through that area. Hopefully it won’t be on Sunday.

  2. Josh

    wohoo! This will be fun. I better show up on time because I learned while running with Rob that I have no idea where I’m going out there!

  3. Kim

    Anthony, the Mohican trails are very pretty. Ask any of us regulars, we love running there!
    This is the nice “Christmasy Run”. Early next year, I’m planning on running the “Mean Green-Red” Section with four icy water crossings.

  4. Luc

    Kim – I’m really going to try and make this. It will be my longest distance yet (the realy ultra-noob). 🙂 I do my long runs on Sunday, so… Thanks for the invite!


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