The Doctor Appointment

All went well. Which means, my doctor concurred with my diagnosis and only had one recommendation to add to my drug therapy.

I do have excerised induced asthma. Symptoms during or following exercise include the following:

Chest tightness or pain
Shortness of breath
Underperformance or poor performance on the field of play
Prolonged recovery time
Gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort

I seem to have what is termed, the “late response”. This phase occurs 3-9 hours after the initial exercise challenge, and unlike the refractory phase, the late phase manifests as an increase in symptoms, with cough, wheezing, or shortness of breath.

I have used the albuterol inhaler, but during the Slim Pickins run in November, I was not getting any relief with just the albuterol.

So I am going to try Singulair, an oral medication, which will help with the inflammatory response, and Advair, which has two components, which helps with the inflammatory response and also the bronchodilation.

I have to like my doctor. After her initial headshaking about my running, she mentioned me getting the Advair in a MDI form (inhaler) instead of the diskus, because I might want to carry it during my next 100…because it is dosed twice a day, and I will probably need doses 2 and 3 during Rocky!

I am also not going to take these drugs daily. I’m going to take them a few days before a planned long run, and continue a few days afterwards, and see if that helps. So my first long “test” run will be this Sunday.

I posted my asthma plight on the Ultra List, and have gotten some insightful (and scary!) tales of others who have the same situation. I’m not alone out there!

5 thoughts on “The Doctor Appointment

  1. Donna Maguire

    Hi Kim,
    I also have exercise induced asthma along with a host of allergies and often struggle with my trail running. My doctor recently switched me to Asmanex instead of albuterol which was making me very jittery. I am currently using it everyday and have noticed a difference. I also began taking Singulair on a daily basis instead of on occasion as it has to accumulate in order to be effective. I also take over the counter Benadryl at night and Allegra in the morning to help control my allergies. We live in NC and it’s been very dry and dusty especially in the pines where we run. We ran the Sunmart 50K a couple of weeks ago in very hot humid conditions and I actually had the best run I’ve had in a long time and I think it was because my lungs were open and I could breathe. What a concept. Anyway, I hope you find relief as well. Sometimes it just takes trial and error as well as a good doctor to help learn how to deal with the symptoms and it sounds like you have done that. I’ll see you at Rocky although I’m only doing the 50 miler again this year. I was going to do the 100 as a training run for Umstead, however, that is probably overkill so I’m going to do the 50 miler and then go to VA a couple of weeks later for Holiday Lake and run on tired legs??? Good luck! Happy Trails! Donna Maguire


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