Monthly Archives: January 2008

Almost Time to Go

Well, I am finally chilling out. I put the suitcase in the vehicle, so I would stop adding stuff to it. I’m as ready as I will be.
Early bed tonight..I have a stupid early wakeup call…2am. Well, I need to be at the airport at 0430, it’s about 1.5 hours to the airport..but there’s a winter storm heading in. So I am giving myself a little extra time. I’ll probably sleep on the plane. I usually have to take a pharmaceutical to get through plane flights, I have a bit of anxiety..not the flying, or fear of falling out of the sky. That doesn’t bother me. It’s the whole process. I could never travel as part of my job, the stress would kill me. So if I take a 1/2 of a little white pill, that pretty much zones me out and I can sleep!

I’m very excited to see everyone tomorrow and looking forward to the race!

Episode 13 of Trails and Tribulations in Up!

Click here to go over to the Trails and Tribulations web page. This is another Rocky-influenced podcast; an interview with Brett Blanker, podshow host of Zen and the Art of Triathlon. Brett is an Ironman triathlete who is running the 50 Mile Race at Rocky Raccoon.

I’ve been a fan of Zen for years now. I started listening to his podcasts back in 2005, when I first discovered them. Brett talks about training, but usually a whole bunch of other stuff too. Very well done podcast, check him out!

I’m out


Here is a copy of the message that you sent from the Massanutten
Mountain Trails 100 miler Web site to Stan Duobinis, the RD of MMT.

Message sent on: 1/27/08

Hi Stan,
I need to withdraw from the 2008 MMT race. Can you send me confirmation
of my withdraw?
Thanks, hope to make it to MMT maybe next year!

Fish or Cut Bait

The time is approaching. With changes in my staffing in my very small workplace, I’m very unsure of future (meaning March/April) training plans. I have a feeling, if I can’t replace the position quickly, I’ll be working weekends myself. Which is actually no problemo, but that means a day off Thursday the week before, and a day off after the weekend worked. Which cuts into my trips going to either Laurel Highlands or MMT for training runs.

I don’t want to run Massanutten if I haven’t trained for it properly-or at least to the best of my abilities. And I’m not sure if I will be able to get out for enough long runs.

So I guess I will sit and stew upon this ontil January 29-the cut off for a full refund from MMT.


One of my staff members resigned today. And his last day is the day before I go on vacation and another pharmacist is on vacation. So that means I screw up my vacation plans. Which actually impacts my husband’s business and our out of country (New Zealand) guests. And this screws up my running plans. Grrrr. I’m quite pissy right now.

A change of plans

A change of plans!
I looked at my work schedule next week..a computer upgrade which means a very long workday on Tuesday, followed by an out of town meeting (all day) on Wednesday, which means getting all my stuff packed and set by early Thursday evening, because my flight out of Akron/Canton is 6am!
So it makes more sense to spend Saturday and Sunday at home. That way I can get all my stuff packed on Sunday, items checked off the List, and have everything ready for early Friday morning.
I’m very sorry not to make it up for the Buckeye Trail Race though. “Everyone” runs it, or volunteers at it, so it was more seeing all my friends 🙁