Monthly Archives: February 2008

Leap Day! An Extra Day! What will you Do?

An extra day of February! What will you do different today?

I slept in for the first time in six days. Heavenly! (I’m working second shift today.)

I recommitted to the Weight Watchers Program today. It’s worked for me in the past, and it will work for me again. Most of the WW philosphy is healthy eating and portion control. I’ve kind of let portion control get away from me. And, trite as it sounds “If you fail to plan you plan to fail” is still true. Planning most of my meals out, according to WW points, does work for me.

A weighty issue resolved

Since I already felt like crap last night (I’m in the throes of a bad cold) I decided to step on the scale and see what the damages were from little workouts and not the greatest eating.

To my surprise (and joy!) I’m up about three pounds…not the 10 or 15 that I thought I had gained. I’ll take the three pounds, thank you!

And I still have that full sized bag of dog food weight to get off my waist area. But at least I haven’t sabotaged myself too badly. The cold seems to be waning a bit; who knows, I might get some walking in on the dreadmill this evening!

Yax Trax Post

I wore my Yax Trax for the first time the other day, for my trail run. The conditions were single track trail, mostly frozen surfaces. This meant the mud was mainly frozen, and I wasn’t getting my feet wet when I broke through ice. The trails also were snow and leaf covered.

The Yax Trax really were not working for me in these conditions. I kept getting big gobs of snow stuck under my arch on the left foot, kind of like mud building up on the shoes. I had to keep stopping to scrape it off. I also got brances stuck under the Yax Trax.

I will have to say the screwed shoes would be a better choice than the YT in these condtions. Maybe the YT would be better on icy roads, or snow covered roads, than trails. Anyone have an opinion?

Back from Louisville

I feel I’ve been gone forever. We left at 5am Thursday, drove to Louisville for husband’s business with guests, did some shopping, ate at a wonderful Ethiopian Resturant that we always visit while there. Dennis and I were the hosts of 13 for dinner each night, and the designated driver, so, it really wasn’t that much of a fun trip for me. I was too busy organizing people and waiting on people. We drove back today, and tomorrow I have an 11 hour work day. Well, it will give me time to catch up on all my work from being off for six working days.

It’s not been much of a vacation, if any, for me. Yes, I wasn’t at work. But I was in charge of feeding and organizing activities for my house guests. Did I have to do it? Well, I guess not. I could have let my husband do it all. (These folks are mainly business associates of his). But that wouldn’t have been…nice. BTW, my husband does now understand that he OWES me BIGTIME and I’ll be collecting on it.

Training wise, I feel everything has gone to hell. At this moment in time, I’m looking at Umstead for the 50 mile option. I’m pretty sure I’m trained up enough for that. That would still leave enough time for the Mohican Run in June. (I did get 40 minutes workouts in, each day in Louisville though!) I’m feeling and looking fat and sluggish.

Oh well. I’m going to go find some cheese for my whine!

What day is it?

Oh yeah, Wednesday. Another day of sleeping in. Another cold snowy day in Ohio.

Monday I got a short run in, 3 miles. “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropiate clothing” I don’t remember who quoted it; but as I got out the door on Monday at 3pm, optimistically armed with a water bottle, Clifblok Shots, and the Zune, I realized a 1/2 mile down the road I needed more clothing or better weather. I was wearing tights, one long sleeved shirt and no gloves. The snow started coming down and sticking, and the wind kicked up. So I did a quick out and back and called it a day.

Tuesday we drove to Cleveland and while everyone else went to the Rock Hall, I went next door to the Great Lakes Science Center. It’s one of those science museums that is very hands on to kids, and very interesting! I had a nice day there. Being a Tuesday, it was virtually empty. I did managed to crash the SPace Shuttle every time I tried to land it (sorry Mike. NO pilot skills!)

I also watched the Imax Movie “Everest”. I’ve become kind of a casual Everest junkie. Do you know, I don’t remember hearing about the 1996 deaths on Everest? I must have been really wrapped up in my own little world. I read “Into Thin Air” a few years ago, and then have read a few more books on Everest, including Ed Viesturs “No Shortcuts to the Top”. I didn’t realize he was leading the Imax summit attempt team when all the problems happened on Everest.

What really got the reaction from me though, was the walking across crevasses on tied together aluminium ladders-f*ck that idea! No way!! I was uncomfortable even watching them do that! LOL!

AS I type, it’s snowing outside. I am optimistically thinking of a long run again today, since there’s nothing on the agenda for me except the six houseguests!