Back from Louisville

I feel I’ve been gone forever. We left at 5am Thursday, drove to Louisville for husband’s business with guests, did some shopping, ate at a wonderful Ethiopian Resturant that we always visit while there. Dennis and I were the hosts of 13 for dinner each night, and the designated driver, so, it really wasn’t that much of a fun trip for me. I was too busy organizing people and waiting on people. We drove back today, and tomorrow I have an 11 hour work day. Well, it will give me time to catch up on all my work from being off for six working days.

It’s not been much of a vacation, if any, for me. Yes, I wasn’t at work. But I was in charge of feeding and organizing activities for my house guests. Did I have to do it? Well, I guess not. I could have let my husband do it all. (These folks are mainly business associates of his). But that wouldn’t have been…nice. BTW, my husband does now understand that he OWES me BIGTIME and I’ll be collecting on it.

Training wise, I feel everything has gone to hell. At this moment in time, I’m looking at Umstead for the 50 mile option. I’m pretty sure I’m trained up enough for that. That would still leave enough time for the Mohican Run in June. (I did get 40 minutes workouts in, each day in Louisville though!) I’m feeling and looking fat and sluggish.

Oh well. I’m going to go find some cheese for my whine!

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