Nice long run today

Since I am working the weekend, my day off is today, and I got a good long run in..26.43 miles. Yes, since I was that close to 26.2 I had to go a bit extra and make it an ultra. I wasn’t expecting it to be this long, I mapped it around 24 miles, but being sloppy in the mapping it really didn’t concern me so much.

A pretty nice uneventful run. This was done on a new back road to “Gnade” or Gnadehutten. (Pronounced Juh NADE by the locals.) Nice up and down hills, very little traffic. I met this gorgeous golden retriever colored steer in a pasture-he was so handsome! I didn’t realize folks were raising long-horn steers in our area..

No camera, since I stopped to take a picture at the very beginning of my run, and realized I had not re-inserted the memory card into the camera! Luckily, I was on the edge of our property, and I stashed the camera inside an old wooden pallet, hoping (and not!) that it wouldn’t rain and ruin my camera.

The Tuscarawas river is over flood stage and looking more like the Mississippi River at the moment..but no roads closed to me, so I made it to my gas station stop in Gnade, bought water, Gatorade, Red Buel and munchies. I really wanted to sink down on the garden bench outside the store and bask in the sunlight, but this route had taken me 12 miles, so I knew I had that long to get back!

Going home was harder. My legs were not refreshed by two days off from the 50K on Saturday. My quads were killing me!! Running downhill was slow and painful. The quads felt like rocks. Everything else was good though. My knee started hurting around mile 22 and I took some Advil, and then my quads felt a bit better-I should have done that earlier!

I got home at mile 25.6. I then popped my head into the house and informed my husband that I needed to run up the hill to retrieve my camera, and I wanted to make sure the Garmin got me past 26.2 since I was so close!!

I then drove back to the HillTop Store for a bag of ice, since I really needed an ice bath. (I had thought about buying and bringing the bag of ice home with me, but decided I really didn’t want to haul a 5lb bag of ice 1 mile home!)

Oww..I haven’t done the ice bath for a long time. I lowered myself into just the cold water. And since our water comes from a spring, it was really cold water. I gasped and got my toes out of the water. And bit into the towel that I hang around my neck and added ice. After about five minutes, not so bad. Although I did get out when my toes were turning blue.

So. Maybe that was my last long run before Umstead. I don’t know about a taper since my training has been so sporadic these last two months. I also have to sit down and get my head around what I am planning to run at Umstead: am I planning on running a 50 miler, or am I planning on finishing a 100.

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