Talk about a Trail Pick Me up!

Andrew had given me two of these some time ago. I had tucked them into my gym bag for a quickie snack, but the size of it had always made me pause before opening. On my last stop at the car yesterday, heading out for the last 8 miles of the run, I grabbed the Lava Bar.

Ohmygod!!! This thing was heavenly! Such a great chocolate taste! Exactly what I needed to get me going on the last loop. I don’t know if it had the right carbs/calories, but the taste was such a delectable pick me up!

It squeezes out in a very thick kind of frosting consistency. It does recommend putting in hot water, so I just held it in my fist to help warm it up so I could squeeze it out more quickly.

From their website:
Brief Description of Product:
The Lava Bar™ is a flexible film, foil-lined squeezable pouch containing 70-grams (2.5 oz) of gourmet Lava Chocolate™. A perforation at the top of the pouch enables chocolate lovers to easily tear open the Lava Bar and squeeze the liquid Lava Chocolate into their mouths (an added fun factor).

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