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Luc finishes his 1st Marathon!

My trail running friend, Luc finished his first marathon last weekend!!

Stroll over to his website and read a great race report. Luc couldn’t run an easy, flat marathon for his first, no, he had to go out and find a nice trail marathon to run on!

Congratulations again Luc, welcome to the club!

Glad I forgot the Bra

Well that should get the readership interested…I went out to my car to get my gear bag in the afternoon..had everything but the running bra. Sigh. I had to postpone the run until I got home.
As soon as I got home, I changed to get out the door quickly. This actually was going to be titled “New Gear” Run, since I had new shoes, new visor, new socks, and new headphones.

Check out the shoes!!

Aren’t they purty?? I was doing a gear check for Mohican (yes I am actually thinking about training for this race) and realized about all but two of my shoes are beat to crap. And I usually find this out while running on roads somewhere. But I must say, I am impressed with all this nice green on the Saucony!

I also had a new visor, from where I had also bought new water bottles. (Again, checking my gear ahead of time!)

These two pics cracked me up. A different dog in each pic as I moved the camera.

I also ran in my new DryFit socks, but can’t really review them, since my feet stayed dry and out of puddles.

Ok, I had a great run! Since the weather was perfect, somewhere in the high 50’s it was a bit cool, with a bit of wind blowing. This kept me from getting hot. Maybe the energy drink I sucked down on the way home helped, but I was keeping a very good pace for myself. I had told the husband I was going on my longer ‘loop’ but I didn’t really remember how long it was since the last time I had gone on this particular route was January..

It’s a bit greener out there now. Just a nice, solid, good pace effort for me. I was actually running all the small inclines (still walking the big hills!)

Two dogs were waiting for me as I finished a nice 10 mile run…and the Shepherd gets her own pic since she’s so gorgeous..

I wanna train!

Ohmygod that Mohican run did me a world of good. I want to run! With others! I want to run a race this weekend (like Promise Land…except I am working) I was even thinking of next weekend, running the Pig. I think after having such good company with Mike and the Fresno Running Club, I am just craving ultra running contact!
I was seriously looking for a race next weekend, but tempered that with the fact that I would not be able to leave town until 330pm on Friday..and I would be better off getting a 30 mile run in around here, than driving forever for a race.
But the enthusiasm is back! I’m looking forward to the Mo Training weekend, and seeing lots and lots of runners out there!

Maybe it’s spring. Who cares what the reason is. I got my happy running feelings back!

Mohican Run Today!

Wow, what a nice day to run. Mike Keller, myself, and the rest of the “Fresno Running Club” came out to run Mo today-Rich and Wendy Babcock, and Gabe “Mr 150 McNaughton Finisher” Rainwater and his “100 mile pacer extradonaire” Regis Shivers. We got started about nine thirty, and started up the Red Section from the Covered Bridge.

The Red Section now starts on the Mountain Bike Trail, which is just about 10 feet from the edge of the parking lot at CB (on the opposite side from the parking.) Look for the white PVC tubing with the MTB100 at the start of the trail. The Red Section is now on that mountainbike trail, and after a climb, with switchbacks (not straight up the freaking hill) it turns into a nice scenic runnable singletrack. Good small climbs up and nice downhill sections. This new section is at least 1 or 1.5 mile long. It then dumps you back on the traditional Mohican Trail.
Trail is in very good condition. Only a few spots of mud. It was a nice hot day out there, but low humidity. We all enjoyed the water crossings and probably stood there a few seconds longer than neccessary to enjoy the cool water. On a few horse folks were out there on the weekday, so we had about the whole trail to enjoy to ourselves.

A few trees down, nothing you couldn’t hop over, until a tree down about 1.5 miles out from the CB. This is right after you run by the JD facility off in the trees. A newer road has been put in here, and some clear cutting down around a gas well. A big tree has been felled, but if you go to the left around it you’ll see the tree right away.

I will be at the training weekend in May and look forward to seeing old faces and new friends!

/End official Mohican post. Rest of the chatty stuff:

What a nice day to run!! I have a cold; or maybe just suffering from really bad allergy with the pollen explosion. I almost thought about bailing on Wednesday from the run, but then thought I should suck it up and run even if I don’t feel good-because I won’t feel good during the run at some point anyways!

I picked up two of the members of the exclusive Fresno Running Club-Gabe Rainwater and Regis Shivers. Gabe finished the 150 mile McNaughton Race! Regis was his 100 mile pacer! I asked Gabe if it was harder to run a 150 miler than a 100 miler “No” so now you know! (Note to self: not planning on a 150 mile run anytime soon). I learned that the Babcocks, the other members of the Fresno Running Club would be joining us. Wendy was now well rested from her Boston Marathon Race and needed a good trail run.

Mikey was there at the Covered Bridge waiting for us. Mike took all the pictures, so I am waiting for those from him! And after about the first four miles, we all separated into our groups: Regis and Gabe, Wendy and Rick running together, and Mike and I bringing up the back.
I had a great run with Mike. We caught up on old news and gossip, created a new running nickname for Rob (don’t worry Mike will let you know what is in), discussed books and blogs and personal stuff-I luv running with Mike! He even made me run fast a bit, as he was trying peeing on the run, and I did not want to be peed on!

Great day to be out there. Hot; but the humidity was low. I had stashed water at Sand Hill (about mile 9) Cemetery but I think also a gallon of water at the Fire Tower would be a good idea. Mike and I were both pretty much out there, and it would only take a minute to stash a gallon there.

Oh yeah, the biggest news! I found a Morel Mushroom! Right on the trail!! And Regis, mushroom hunter, that he is, confirmed it. So I now know what to look for, having correct identification for a morel mushroom!

Next time back to Mohican will be the three day training weekend of May 9 10 11. I’m planning on camping out there Friday and Saturday nights. Come out for it if you are thinking about running Mo. It’s free, the veterans will be out there, and you will get good time on the trails!

New Episode of Trails and Tribulations is Up!

This is a very cool interview-60 minutes with Tim Twietmeyer!
Episode 18 is an interview with Tim Twietmeyer, whose name is usually synonymous with the Western States Endurance Run. And why not, when you’ve won it five times, and finished it 25 times in under 24 hours! Tim also holds the masters record on the course: 17 hours 17 minutes. Unbelievable. Oh, and he also mentions in the interview that he just finished his 28th running of the American River 50 Mile Race the weekend before we interviewed him!

So check it out. Tim was so easy to talk to, we didn’t want to stop the interview!

Run with Elena

Elena is running across the United States. Check out her route, she’s just made it into Ohio. She would love to have some company running on her route!

I thought I would be able to run with her, but I forgot about this little thing called “my job”. Ooops.

Wednesday Run

Or I should really call it a jog. I went to the park for a shake out run. The first 1/4 mile was horrible. It felt like my first time running. I felt like the Tin Man, needing oil around all my joints.
I finally warmed up around 3/4 mile, and felt much better. I tested the IT Band on a sharp downhill slope-it just twinged a bit. I did stretch right after the run. I can feel the IT Band this morning, so another short run this afternoon and stretching.