Monthly Archives: April 2008

Another Day of Rest

I can’t ignore it any longer. The pain is back-on the outside of my right knee, right where the IT Band comes onto/into the knee. I must stretch. Walking is painful. It felt better earlier last week! It’s just catching up with me now.
So I think Monday is going to be a stretching day-a real session of stretching, maybe a good run on Tuesday.

Goggins has finished!

Won the 150 miler at McNaughton, from the timing page. Wow.

Incidentally, I had a dream about Goggins at the McN race. In this dream, there were shorter races going on, like a 10K and such. I wasn’t running because I had just done my 100 miler.
I kept bugging people about, ‘did he finish? did he finish?’
Then I heard the people start cheering, and everyone rushed to see Goggins come in.
But in my dream, he was white! ???? WTF? A big tall, blondish-redheaded Irish looking guy. Still very tall, but not built like David Goggins.
I did manage to congratulate him after the race (in my dream) and he was wearing a big goofy earring that looked like a coat button in his ear.

So what kind of interpretation can I get from a weird dream like that?

Attitude Readjustment

I got a really good reality check this am. I’m done whining about my situation for awhile.
I was part of the code team that worked on a 2 month baby this morning. The baby didn’t make it-it may have been SIDS before she arrived at the hospital. Since I wasn’t doing much at the code, I was trying to console the young mother. yeah. I’m not the best-or most comfortable-at empathy-but no one was available. Codes are bad enough, but children, and babies, are the worst.

Umstead Splits

Splits for Umstead, 2008 vs. 2007

Lap 1 12.5 miles 2.45 (2.47)
Lap 2 25 miles 3.05 (3.36)
Lap 3 37.5 miles 3.56 (4.10)
Lap 4 50 miles 3.27 (3.44)
Lap 5 62.5 miles 4.33 (4.31)
Lap 6 75 miles 4.02 (4.57)
Lap 7 87.5 miles 4.10 (4.27)
Lap 8 100 miles 4.06 (4.27)

It’s obvious that I struggle right after mile 50, although I seemed to pick it up this year in 2008 and got back on track better. I really thought Lap 5 was about five hours this year, I was rather relieved to see 4.5 hours. I think Lap 6 in 2007 speaks of inexperience with running through the night and being tired, even though I had a pacer in that loop. Having more experience eating and staying on the caffeine probably helped a great deal here.

They start running soon!!

It’s 9am here in EST, the McNaughton 150 mile racers will be beginning in 3 (or mebbe 4) hours!

Good luck to my friends Josh, Tom, and Kurt, and everyone else running out there. I’m working all weekend, so I can at least be glued to a computer browser and watch the updates!

Things Learned From Last Race

  • Pack my drop bags more effectively. I wasn’t sure which light was in which bag, for example. I am usually more organized than this.
  • Get my feet in good condition. I did try to get rid of some of the calluses off my feet, but I am going to go into a big foot pampering extravaganza for the next two months and get them in good shape.
  • Actually formulate a plan to execute for Mohican. Carry a card with me with the cutoffs. I did not need this for Umstead, since I knew the final cutoff, and I knew I needed to run the first 50 in under 13 hours. But I am going to go back and look at my old splits and runners-like-me from Mohican and make an actual plan.
  • Positive attitude trumps all. Around mile 52 or so, I said to myself “wow I’m getting tired” and then I immediately replied to myself “yeah, you idiot, you just ran 50 miles you aren’t going to be all that fresh for the whole race.” I really had a good attitude for about the whole race,didn’t let things like blisters or being hot bother me.