A Midsummer Laurel Highlands Run

I’ve been thinking about the Laurel Highlands Trail on some of my runs lately. This was the site of our FA last November, where I dropped at 38 miles, alot due to my excercised induced asthma. I really want to get back over there for a run on the whole trail again-70 miles.

I am thinking of doing this in July. Depending on work (I shouldn’t be working weekends by then) I am thinking of doing this probably the same time as the Buckeye Trail 50K. ( I want to run the Rattlesnake 50K in WV the weekend before more.)

Anyone up for a FA 70 miler on the Laurel Highlands Trail in PA in July? I can guarantee no snow this time!

4 thoughts on “A Midsummer Laurel Highlands Run

  1. Kim

    JT, you would’nt have to run the whole distance. If you would want to run 10 or 12 miles we could probably work out cars and such.

    Josh, I am thinking about the Buckeye Trail Weekend July 19. I want to run the Rattlesnake 50K in WV the weekend before on July 12.

  2. Sensationally Red

    My, you are still looking fabulous in pink! Great header. I was toying with the idea of doing Laurel Highlands but backed out. I will definitely do the Buckeye 50K…I think I’ll sign up today because it’s filling up fast!


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