Mohican Run Sunday

Nice run at Mohican Sunday, perfect conditions. We ran the purple loop first, which is 4 miles, then the orange loop which was 17 miles if you include the Grist Mill.
Regis and Gabe, despite running 34 miles on Saturday, shot off to an early lead with Ted and Mikey running right with them. I had a nice run with the rest of the gang-Michelle, Don, Rob, Chris, and Ron until about 2 miles into the orange loop where I dropped back to watch the trail bunnies take off!

I was feeling very good out there. I did make one stupid error-I forgot to pick up my handheld water bottle, so I was being careful with the water out there. Knowing the trail as well as I did, I knew where I was, and when I could drain the water bottle.

Ron ran with me the entire time, and we had a great time. Ron is going to pace Chris for the 100, so it was good to talk all sorts of race stuff out there. The orange loop is also the mountain bike trail, and this was the busiest I have seen the trail, as the mountain bikers have their 100 Mile Race next weekend.

At the Campground A, I told Ron I didn’t want to run the mile or so down to the Gristmill. I was getting tired, and my ankle was a bit sore. I was wearing new trail shoes-Montrail Nitrus, but I think the sore ankle was more from the 28 miles on the road on Saturday. So we took the shorter distance, about 15 miles for the orange loop back to the Covered Bridge.

A good run for me, and the last long run before the race I am sure. (I’m working the next two weekends.) I do have an idea of time it will take me to run the purple and orange loops, and it was good to run it on tired legs.

Bring on the race!

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