Allegheny Trail Speed Attempt

Ha, you know it was not “I” attempting any sort of a speed attempt..

No, this is Bradley Mongold and Adam Casseday, of the
West Virginia Mountain Trail Runners, two very accomplished and fast runners going for the record on the Allegheny Trail.

The Allegheny Trail is a hiking trail that passes through the Allegheny Mountains, mostly through West Virginia.

The northern terminus of the Allegheny Trail is near Bruceton Mills, West Virginia at the Mason-Dixon Line, which here represents the boundary between West Virginia and Pennsylvania. The trail ends at the Appalachian Trail on Peters Mountain on the Virginia-West Virginia border.

This is not the rail trail that runs from Pittsburgh to Washington DC. This is real trail, sometimes very very poorly marked. This trail goes up and down mountains. It’s somewhere between 280-320 miles long. Some of the trail is in areas that have been clear cut and any trail blazes are long gone.

Mongold and Casseday have been planning this adventure for over a year. Their date of destiny begins August 28 at 6 am. Follow their journey here!

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