Laboring on the weekend

Whew time to rest finally. Busy day. After getting the dogs walked, I looked at my husband and informed him it was time to start cutting up the pine tree that has been laying in the yard since the June storm. So we spent an hour cutting limbs, him cutting, me hauling limbs away. We got about half the tree cut up before the chain came off the chain saw and we called it quits for the day. Now we have many pine limbs laying about. Next job will be renting a wood chipper…

I then made white bean soup (it’s chilled, and fabulous!!) and then salsa from my garden. This is like heaven on earth. The funny thing is, I made the salsa, and tasted it. Something was missing. Oh yeah, the jalapenos! I had been fawning so much over my tasty tomatoes I forgot that other ingredient, so back to the garden I went.

A few hours later, I did a 2 mile jog around the property, looking to see what I could follow on our property for running. I can get around a 2 mile loop, more if I can do some brush hogging and branch clearing. I then came inside to the AC and did two more miles on the treadmill-that seemed effortless after the bushwhacking jog!

One thought on “Laboring on the weekend

  1. Mike

    Killer day! I am jealous of the 2 mile loop!

    Now, you broke the chainsaw cutting “pine limbs” and then you are getting a wood chipper…why am I seeing visions of “Fargo” here. I am not sure I ever want to visit you guys!!! LOL


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