My Run Today

It was a beautiful day for a run today. I got out around 10am, before I fiddled-faddled away my motivation. This was an “around the block” on roads around my area.

I ran down into the valley. This used to be my normal 4 mile route. It’s the flattest area around!
This is going up about a 1/2 mile gradual hill.
This route has some good climbs, many rolling ups and downs like this.
This is by a farm. Notice anything funny about this Amish buggy?
Yes, it has rubber tires on it. This is actually an “English” farm (which means non-Amish.) The farmer that owns this buggy actually uses some of the Amish technology, including plowing fields with horse and plow. This means he can get some ground turned over when it may still be too wet for an “English” tractor.
As you can see, I live in the country. Beautiful views and beautiful countryside.

Almost home!
Nice view. We own all the land you see to the left, and more on the right.
I checked on the ponies’ water supply while I was out. The drought we are in has the horse trough losing water. It’s fed by a natural spring, but it hasn’t rained here but once in August. The ponies are not ours, they belong to a local Amish man, we are renting the pasture out. But if the water continues to drop in the trough the horses will need to be moved.

At least one pony had enough sense to be in the cooler barn than the sun~!

My girl waiting for me!

10.50 miles, very nice run in nature today. Everything felt good!

10 thoughts on “My Run Today

  1. Nick

    Sweet dog Kim. She looks like a little teddy bear I wouldn’t want to mess with.
    It looks like you have a great place to run on the road. Very quiet.

  2. Don:

    And I thought I lived in paradise.
    Now that is some nice country you live in. If only you had as much trails as I have in my paradise.
    That is one reason I enjoy running in other areas, to see the beauty beyond the highways.

  3. Jeff

    That is just beautiful out there. I always loved running in the countryside when I was at Clarion b/c there’s so many different roads and routes you can take and it’s so peaceful!

  4. S. Baboo

    That run looks great. Thanks for the invite to e-mail about ultras but I didn’t see your e-mail. Now I’m getting a sense of the recovery from 100, which was probably my biggest question for now. I’m sure I’ll have others.


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