Downtime Planned


We’re heading here on Wednesday.

The little hotel here on the beach, that’s where we stay. This is Morne Rouge Beach, off the beaten tourist path. This is more of a ‘local’ beach.

Yes, there will lots of laying on this beach, drinking the local beer called “Carib”. And swimming. But also I’m much too active these days to just lay idly on the beach, drinking beer. Well, wait a minute. Give me a few days of doing this. Oh, and drinking rum punch. If you have ever had Grenada rum, you will always forever turn up your nose at that wimpy Baccardi stuff.. There’s at least 6 distilleries in Grenada. And some of these distilleries are still using the original water wheel to crush the sugar cane.. I remember our first trip to Grenada, visiting Rudolphs on the Carenage, and having a rum punch. Then I remember Jude, our tourist guide/now great friend, coming to pick us up, and me telling him “Jude! I love these rum punches!!” as he asked me how many I had… (I think only three…it doesn’t take much of these..)

Anyways, I will running in Grenada. This country is located 12 degrees north of the equator, so the sun comes up and goes down promptly. Somewhere around 6 or 630. And if you are a runner, you’re going to do it before the temps get above the 80 F mark. Last time, I drank a coffee (from Cuba coffee beans-yum!) and then got out for a 2 mile run before the sun got too high in the sky. This time around should be no different, although I am looking forward to some beach running this time.

I am hoping to also get in a good day hike to one of the many waterfalls in Grenada (this may depend on how my husband is feeling, his back has been out of whack.) And maybe some kayaking and parasailing..

And maybe I’ll just lay on the beach for the week and chill.

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