Monthly Archives: October 2008


I was out of town most of the week at business meetings, then worked all day today staffing, then shopped for food/drink for race, then packed car, and NOW I’m relaxing for a few minutes.

I have my 24 hour race Saturday morning, in Virginia. It’s about a 7 hour drive.

The race starts at noon, so I will have a nice chance to sleep in, go find some pancakes for breakfast, and have all my stuff ready for the race.
I can camp right at the start/finish line, and I think be able to access all my stuff very easily.

I have packed enough food to sustain everybody at the race; several complete running outfits, and at least 3 or 4 lights. I have my foot care bag ready, I’m downloading podcasts (for the drive) and creating new playlist for the Zune (for running at night).

I think I’m ready to go!