Race Planning

I’m running Mohican in 2009. As mentioned to some of my friends before, I was going to do a draw for three races in June-the Mohican 100, the Laurel Highlands 70 mile race, and Highlands Sky in WV. But looking at dates, both Mo and Highlands Sky are the same weekend, with LH being the weekend before.

I had thought, if LH or HS was the weekend before Mo, I could run one of those and then work an Aid Station at Mohican. In looking at the dates for 2009, I realized I wanted to be at Mohican. So I’m running it!


I’m going to run Burning River in 2009. Burning River is the other 100 mile race in Ohio, the first week of August. Now, I have called all the runners who have entered Burning River a bunch of idiots, and I stand by those remarks! I’m also an idiot, a running fool, who knows better, but is going to do it anyways!

So, first goal of 2009 is to complete the Ohio 100 Mile Races.

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