Well it was supposed to warm UP today to around 40 degrees..not here it didn’t!
I managed 2.2 miles in the park today. The wind was just fierce, I almost bagged the run before it barely started, I was running right into the wind. So I turned around, and luckily took the long way back to my vehicle, so I got 1/2 of my run in.

I came home and packed for Slim Pickins 2008. I had to find the tights, 3 long-sleeved running tops, windshirt, gaiters (in case of snow!) a couple of hats and pairs of gloves, some handwarmers. I packed my waist pack with food and drugs and matches in a plastic bag. I washed all my empty water bottles so I will have fresh clean ones to take with me. I put fresh batteries into my running light (I’ll still be out there at 4pm or so when it gets dark) and my camera. Just about ready for the trip!

One thought on “Brrr!!

  1. Slim

    That is what I have been doing all evening as well. Time for a beer I think, while I try and figure out what I am forgetting.

    See you on Saturday morning at Ohiopyle.


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