Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrive!

Why yes, it is that third Thursday of November, and it’s the most exciting made up marketing day for all winie-s-it’s Beaujolais Noveau day!

Beaujolais Nouveau is a light, French red wine, purple-pink in color. It is meant for immediate drinking, not to be kept for maturation like some other wines.
The Nouveau is lightweight, even by Beaujolais standards, and is typically served slightly chilled. The wine has very little tannin and can be dominated by fruity flavors. It’s a nice bottle to serve with Thanksgiving dinner as a lighter alternative to heavier wines that would only add to the sluggishness of eating turkey and gravy.

My quest will be if I can actually find a bottle of this in the town that I work in. I have the choice of the state Liquor store, or the local grocery store. Or, hedging all bets, the Wine and Coffee Bar that is in Roscoe Village.

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