Skipping Rope

I worked today. I was the only pharmacist until 1 pm, which meant working both my retail side and hospital side. I worked my butt off. I was tired, but still went to the gym after work.

There was two of us there. And from the sign in sheet, I was number 10 for the day. I guess everyone else went shopping.

I decided to add rope skipping as a cardio between sets, and boy that was an eye opening! Skipping rope will get your heart rate up! I also hopped back on the stair master-boy am I out of shape. I do love that machine though, for the workout!

4 thoughts on “Skipping Rope

  1. Don:

    Jumping rope requires some flexibility on the athletes part.
    I have problems there so glad you can do it. My assistant CC coach is/was a boxer and he can more things jump roping than I could imagine.

    Sounds like life is keeping up on throwing the monkey wrenches.

  2. Luc

    You’re a machine, Kim! Great job. 🙂

    And.. jump rope is a tough one to end your double shift with, even if Rocky Balboa does make it look easy. 🙂


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