Monthly Archives: December 2008

Catch up

I walked 4 miles on the treadmill today. It didn’t hurt me at all, I’m a bit fatigued after that. I hope to get back into the swing of training this week.

I know better than to try to “catchup” training, but I’m still okay. Last week I had scheduled off Christmas Eve and Day anyways. I had a 14 mile on Saturday that I missed. I do see that Sunday should have been an 8 mile, so at least I did 4 miles.

I really hope the energy reserves return by New Year’s Day. I have that day off, and Friday, and would like to get a nice long run in before the FA on Saturday. I’ve rested enough now!

Well I went and did it

I’ve joined the ranks of the stupid..

Registration Confirmation for:

2009 Burning River 100 Mile Endurance Run
Dear Kim,

Congratulations! You are now registered for 2009 Burning River 100 Mile Endurance Run. Please check the event’s official website for updates:

And just for the record, yes, I think anyone who runs a 100 miles in hot and humid Cleveland Ohio is stupid. Including me. In fact, I will probably be shuffling down the trail on August 1 mumbling “stupid me, stupid me..”

The tide has turned

I believe! It’s been almost 20 hours since I spent any quality time in my bathroom. I did manange to read about half a book, “River of Doubt” whilst being sick. It’s a good read, about Teddy Roosevelt’s bungled trip exploring a river in the Amazon Forest in 1912.

I think I will get the dogs out for an early walk, and then attempt a 4 mile walk around the block. I would say run but I don’t want to crash myself. A nice fast paced walk would make me happy at this point.

I seemed to have weathered this sickness with a 6 lb weight loss. While not thrilled how it occurred, hopefully I can capitalize on this and keep eating healthy. That should not be a problem, at least for today. Toast is looking exotic for breakfast again!

Race Waffling

Ok, after Nick’s ultraholic tagging, that made me look into the 2009 Applachian Crossing. This is only for members of the West Virginia Trail Runner’s Club. This is a four day epic adventure across the Eastern Continental Dvide. This is around 120 miles, up and down mountains, Sept 3 through the 6th. I am definitely in for this. I have a running partner lined up; as that is one of the rules you have to be with another person for safety.

So this brings me to the question of running Burning River. It’s the first weekend of August. I usually recover pretty well from 100s so I should be ok. But with another person depending on me to be ready to go Sept 3, I don’t want to let that person down if I get hurt somehow.

Another consideration is money. The race fee goes up after December 31 for BR. There is no fee for the AC, although it will cost about 100 bucks per person to cover supplies.

So I’m not sure right now if I will run BR. Any comments?

Treadmill Today

I watched “Shaun of the Dead” while treading. The first 60 minutes, I walked, with a 5% grade, increasing that to 10%. That’s quite a good workout!
The last 20 minutes, I used the intervals feature on my treadmill. Also a good workout, kept me at a 5% incline, and then 60 second intervals at 6MPH (making me work at a 6 MPH time). That was kind of fun (as much fun as a treadmill can be) so I might try more of the treadmill’s built in programs just to mix it up.

Tomorrow is a gym day. I’m going to work on some more efficient moves at the gym.