Chilly Run

Today was supposed to be a 20 mile run at Lake Park, on the bike trail, in Coshocton, the town that I work in. As I loaded up my vehicle with my supplies, I noticed my sidewalk was pretty icy, since it was back to 20 degrees. I threw my trail shoes with the screws in at the last moment-smartest move of the day.

When I got to Lake Park, I switched immediately to the trail shoes. While the bike trail was pretty free of snow, all that water from the awesome warm day of Friday had frozen, making patches of ice all over the trail. If I hadn’t had my trail shoes the run would have been impossible.
There was one person walking their dog when I started, and then I had the park to myself, just me and the ducks.
I started out in a windshirt and a knit cap. By one four mile rotation through the trails, I was sweating. I stopped at the vehicle and removed the windshirt and cap. I started up the trail again and got right into some wind, and then went back to the vehicle and added another long sleeve shirt. That seemed a little better.
As I ran endless rounded in Lake Park, changing up the course, I reflected I’ve become a little mentally tougher with repetitive routes. In my training for my first ultra, a 50K in 2004, I ran almost exclusively here in Lake Park. I became sick to death of the place and would dread doing the same loops over and over. Now, I just simply deal with it. It doesn’t really bother me to do the same route again and again. It’s just another thing to deal with, if you don’t make it a big deal, it won’t become a big deal and a detriment to training. Lake Park is a good, safe place to run at, especially when the bike trail is clear.

This was interesting. (And I didn’t spot it on the previous 3 runs past it.)

This big black bird, motionless in the tree. A crow. How did it die? In the tree? Yes, it’s stuck up there in the tree. Natural causes? Did it hit a plane? Was it an old crow and just it’s time to go?

I wasn’t running as fast as I wanted to. The icy sections were slowing me down. There is a bridge that I use to cross the Walhonding River, which was about six inches of pure rutted icy. This was a walking section through here!

(bridge in warmer days)

As I continued my run, I checked my watch and saw I wasn’t going to get my 20 miles in my allotted time for the run, and I decided one last loop out past the softball fields and I would call it good. Although the temperature was about 20 degrees F, the wind was really nippy. My upper arms were really cold for some reason. I didn’t want to lose my core temperature to the wind though, and stopped at 13 miles. A good workout in the cold temperatures. I’m really looking forward to spring!

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