Another treadmill workout for me today, as we got about 2 inches more of snow and it’s still coming down. I drove by the high school track today, to scout it out for a potential long run on Sunday, and it’s untouched! Nobody has been out on it! That might be to my advantage, spend a few laps getting a path beat down in the snow, and then get some miles in!

Back to the treadmill. I walked a mile, and noticed that I was able to walk a bit faster than my normal speed. Hmm. Is the interval treadmill work helping? I’m noticing when I push it, at a pace faster than I normally go at, bumping up the pace doesn’t adversely affect me.
So I did some interval/incline preprogrammed work on the treadmill, then walked another mile. 15.11 for me. Now, that may be really slow for you, walking, but that’s been at a speed where my short little legs (29 inch inseam) has had to break into a trot. Am I improving my leg turnover? Is this endless treadmill season being beneficial to me? It seems like, YES!!!

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