Mood Enhancement!!

I don’t know if the temperatures got this high or not, but it was still in the 40’s when I exited the hospital promptly at three thirty. To my surprise lots of snow was gone. I was happy to see the bike trails at Lake Park were actually bare. I made the decision to do my long run there on Saturday instead of the high school track as planned.

I ran a mile on the bike trail, then crossed the road and got back on my beloved little trail!! In the first thirty feet, I scared up three deer that were bedded down not two feet off the trail. They didn’t go far. In fact, one deer was lame, and only hobbled about ten feet away from me. Of course I didn’t bring my camera on this run!

On this side of the hill, the snow was melted off more. I scared up six more deer as I climbed up toward the golf course. Then, as I rounded the hill, I was then on the north side, with considerable more snow fall. This was actually hard to walk uphill in. The snow was very slippery, and I really had to dig in.

I cross the golf course, which is on the top of the hill. I paused and looked around. The sun was shining at this moment; not a soul around. The white golf course was only marred by the hundreds of little deer trails criss-crossing the course. I savored this beautiful midwinter moment, grateful for the respite from our two weeks of cold.

I haven’t been on this trail since November. There were several huge tree blowdowns. Some had been cleared from the trail, others I had to detour around.
The biggest detour was around a bridge. A bridge had been built across a very steep ravine. A tree had uprooted and crashed down the hill, taking the bridge with it. I had to do a careful crawl through some mud to get across the ravine. A bridge down doesn’t stop a trail runner!!

This was a greatly needed run. Although I had just run a 50K trail on Sunday, that seemed like so long ago. Maybe it was also the warmer temps today that really put a great spin on this run!

3 thoughts on “Mood Enhancement!!

  1. Mike

    That is not just how she looks brother, that is how she IS!!! Hence the name Trail Goddess. No run in the woods is as fun as a run with the Goddess, laughing and making fun of everything, including ourselves…

    Kim, miss you. I am doing better on my runs, would like to run with you soon!!! Can you do the ROGAINE with me?


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