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I’m here!

Just haven’t been blogging. Had the dickens of a time getting over this cold. Took last Thursday and Friday off from work. Went to WV for the weekend, for the annual meeting of the West Virginia Trail Runners Club. Had a wonderful time, as always, but even skipped the run there, due to my cold.

Got on the treadmill Tuesday, blew off Wednesday’s workout, then actually got my 4 miles in on the treadmill today. Felt good to get the speed up to a decent pace.

I apologize for turning on the word verification! I got hit with robot spam all of a sudden, and turned it on this morning. I’ll shut it off again soon, because I hate doing the word verfication myself.

Looking forward to the Buckeye Trail 50K Race on Sunday. Sounds like the race itself may turn into an epic adventure. I know how to take care of myself during long cold workouts; I hope the newbies on the Winter BT route will get advice from folks and garb themselves accordingly.

Guess what

I’m sick again. This time it’s a head cold. Ugggh!!!

I stayed home from work today. Rather than go and be miserable AND infect everyone there, I stayed here. I’m feeling massively guilty of course, for not really doing anything here.

Man I hate being sick~!

Eating on the Run

Nope, this is not about grabbing that muffin or piece of toast as you head out to work, this is about eating while running!

Maybe a better title would be “Planning your Run: Nutrition and Hydration”.

This subject came to mind because I now know of three friends who did not plan their needs out over runs this past weekend!

So for those of you who don’t know any better, maybe this will help.

Ok. You’ve got a long training run planned. Twenty miles or so. First thing, you need to know where your water sources can be. This weekend, I knew there was water 4 miles into the run, and then somewhere *farther* down the trail. I chose to run with 2 water bottles. When I got close to my water stop, I made sure I drained one water bottle.

I’ve seen people come into AS with water still in their bottles. People, you need to drink that water! And then get a complete refill! You are always better off with the water inside of your body than hanging outside in a little bottle.

As I continued down the trail, I drained a water bottle and started on the second. I was around mile 13 into my run, which was an out and back. I started thinking about my water alternatives if the water source didn’t materialize. (I was not sure where the stables were on this trail.) Snow is an option. I’ve done that before, stuffed it into a bottle. Second option was some creeks. Now, drinking water from unknown sources is always a crap shoot. It should be avoided about at all costs. But that was option # 2 if I needed it bad enough. Well, I found water at mile 14 and all was well.

If you can, at all, on a run on new trails, figure out where your water supply can be. Where you could drop a water bottle or Gatorade. Or suck it up and carry a bunch of water on your back.


I am never without food. I make sure I have plenty with me. I’ve gone on short trail runs in West Virginia with enough food to sustain me for several days if I ate sparingly. But you never know what you might encounter out there. It’s best to have the food and get it into your body then experience the “bonk” of low blood sugar.

How to carry? Stuff it into your pockets, your pack. Be inventive. Pin candy bars inside your shirt.

My handheld water bottle has a small pocket on it. I managed to cram 2 PayDay bars (the mini size) into it. I had my usual waist pack on. In that pocket, I had one pack of ClifBlok Shots, 1 PayDay bar, two Fig Newmans (leftover from the last long trail run) and one Hammergel. I also attached a clipon pouch that held my camera, small bag of jellybeans, and some chocolate espresso beans. I also had Hammergel in a flask. I stuffed that into an iPod carrying case that strapped around my upper arm. Overkill? Well, I was out there for almost ten hours. I had just a small amount of Hammergel left in my flask and a few espresso beans, I did eat everything else.
Oh wait, I just remembered I had tucked a Clif Fruit Twist into the sleeve on my running shirt and didn’t eat that. But that was somewhere else to store stuff. If your sleeves are tight enough, you can tuck items into your sleeves. This is where my gloves go when my hands get too hot. This is also where my trash usually goes too as I finish eating.

So really, it’s just a matter of planning out your run before hand. If you are running loops to your car, set up your next set of food before the run. That way, you can grab your food and go! Put the chips into plastic bags, divvy up your jellybeans, have your stuff ready to go.

So that’s my take on eating on the run!

I’ve actually gotten workouts in on both Sunday and today. Sunday was 4 miles walking on the treadmill, trying to flush the lactic acid out of my quads, plus a bootcamp workout from SparkPeople. Today was 30 minutes walking/jogging and another video bootcamp workout from SparkPeople.

Buckeye Trail 50K FA Run

This was, officially, the Art Moore FA Run. It traditionally takes place on the Rocky River Reservation, in Cleveland. But it’s run on asphalt trails. So when Pebble and I were together, after the URINEO FA, he mentioned he was going to run on the BT instead of the traditional course, I said hell ya! and joined him.

It turns out

Rob and Michelle also have the same idea of not running on asphalt, although they show up early, as they are planning on getting 50 miles in!

Brian and I wait for Michelle and Rob to return to the vehicles, and we start off from Pine Lane trailhead. We are going toward the Boston Store, and then follow the BT.

It’s a beautiful morning for a run, a little cold, in the 20’s, with the forecast of a high around 30. I’m wearing a new mask for my mouth, and this one seems to actually work. My excercised induced asthma really kicks in after hours outside, but this mask is loose enough to not choke me, and I do keep on on my face for at least more than half the run.

I stopped for this shot and a bathroom break, and that was almost the last I saw of Brian, Michelle, and Rob for the day! I did see them on some hills on the Pine Lane section, but then that was it!

I was heading downhill, almost done with Pine Lane, when two deer meandered over the trail in front of me. You could tell these deer lived in the Cuyahoga Valley (no hunting_) National Park because they didn’t fear me at all. So I fumbled to get the camera out and snapped a shot.

I encountered a few runners on this section too, none that I knew, except some woman yelled “you’re training for Burning River, right? I read your blog!” Which amused me. Back in the day, it creeped me out that I was identified from the blog, now I’m just used to it, and take it as quite a compliment!

I hit Boston Store, with its “always open” heated restrooms and topped off my water. I think I scared a few “day runners” with my garb. One runner said ” you look like you’re off for a long run today” and I shot back “yeah, just 50K today, training run”. He looked properly awed/amazed. Or so that’s what I believe!

This next section of the Buckeye Trail, I have ran parts of before, but it’s been a few years, so lots of it seemed new. There were some very runnable parts of the trai, which I thought was great! After Slim Pickins, this trail seemed very well mangeable.

As I kept going, I kept an eye on my water supply. I was carrying two handhelds, for 40 oz total. I had drank one dry, and the second bottle was half gone. Brian had mentioned he thought we could get water at the Bridle Stables, but not being from the area, I wasn’t sure where I would encounter these. I had already decided to run either 15 miles out; or run until noon and then turn. I didn’t want to be on the trail after dark since I had no light.

I was just contemplating some snow for my water bottle when I saw big buildings right off the trail. It was the stables and there was water! I refilled, rearranged clothing, and went a short way down the trail. I stopped at mile 14, around 1140am, and decided to turn back and run. I could make up the extra miles when I was back at my vehicle.

I bonked myself around 18 miles. I think I fell behind my calories. I know I was dehydrated due to the limited amount of water available. I was getting the crabbies, unlike the Trail Goddess usual happy disposition!

A little bit of it was the trail conditions. This well used trail had frozen, which meant there were many sections that were mud, which had now frozen into ruts. My ankles were getting quite the workout. In fact, by the time I hit the vehicles, one one foot was aching badly from wear and tear.

I was quite happy when I hit Boston Store again, after all, it was only 4 miles back to the trailhead at Pine Lane. On this section of course, I started the wimping..well, I’ll have 28 miles in, isn’t that good enough? And if was one of my NEO Trail Club members, that answered this question for me. I could see Slim’s face, saying “Oh Kimba, you only ran 28? That’s no ultra. Why didn’t you run 31 miles? It’s only 3 more”.

So, by the time I got back to the trail head, AND saw Rob’s car still there, there was no way I was going to wimp out! They were already ahead of me in mileage, and still out there! They actually met up with me, as they were finishing their 40 miles. That gave me my incentive to get my last little miles in, as I puttered around the trailhead, and finally got the 50K done!

Then it was off! In a rush to Colleen’s. Colleen is the “Purple Lady”. She is the scribe and historian of the Mohican 100 Trail Run. She knows all history and all runners. Every year, after the Art Moore FA, she has a dinner for all involved in the Mohican. It’s always a great spread and good to see all the different runners out there!

I got a chance to ask Rob about the Forget the PR 50K course at Mohican. I got to sample Leo Lightner’s homemade mozzarella AND congratulate him on his age group record (ages 80-85!!!) at the JFK 50 Miler. I got to see Fred Davis pull out his 20+ year notebook to discuss races with folks who weren’t so familiar with Fred’s running past, now that was priceless!

Mike was also there, with his darling daughters. It was good see both him AND the girls!!

After a few hours of cheer, I was starting to fade, so I made a quick exit. THANK YOU Colleen and Deb, for the nice food and community spirit that you spread!!

The Trail Goddess Heads North

I am off to the Cleveland area for the weekend. It’s the Art Moore FA 50 on Saturday. I will be running this on the Buckeye Trail though, rather than the traditional FA on asphalt. Then it will over to Colleen’s house for food! Colleen puts out a great spread of food for the runners and assorted Mohican folks-a good time to see some other people!

I have lots of various errands to run on my way north. I meant to get these done last weekend while off but the flu had me incapacitated. Lots of items I want to look for-ice skates, running gloves, running bra, drymax socks, new Sauconys, new trail shoes, different hydration pack…not sure if I will find any of these in my limited shopping area, but it’s worth a try.

1st Run of the Year

The sun was shining brightly, the temperature was a balmy 20 degrees, and I couldn’t wait to get out for a trail run! This is Salt Fork State Park. I was running a bridle trail, called the blue trail. Not a soul was out here.

The trail was a bit rough. The mud had frozen, which was good, but there were many rough spots where the horses had really chewed up the trail. But hey, it IS their trail.
It felt good to see the sun and soak up some Vitamin D!

A nice 5.25 mile trail run for the new year!