10 Miler

Went off without a hitch. Ran it on the high school track-didn’t feel like messing with water bottles or routes or anything. Also, I don’t like to run from my house when the husband is out of town. Too afraid the dogs will jump the fence and follow me (as they’ve done when I’ve gone to the pond without them.)

Realized I have Umstead in less than two weeks!!!!!!!! Started making my lists for the trip. Umstead is a very easy race to pack for. Two AS, one is at the main HQ, so you can pack the kitchen sink and not feel guilty about burdening a volunteer with your stuff, since you’re the one who’s hauling it in there.

This year I will pack the drop bags and put them in the suitcase. If TSA decides to yank it all out, so be it.

It looks like I will have two pacers! Both Steve Leopard, my original Umstead pacer, and Jason, who paced me last year, will be available to get some miles in with me. That’s so cool. I hope I will impress them with my blistering speed walk throughout the night lol. (It has gotten faster!)

Too soon to start watching the weather in Raleigh yet!

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