Saturday Run

I had decided that Friday I got to play on the trails, then Saturday would be a road run, on loops-to get me used to mental toughness, because Umstead is a looped course. I also figured Saturday’s run would be tougher, since I had done a hilly trail course the day before.

I had decided to run at Cherokee Park, a nice park within the city of Louisville. They had a nice path, which was actually half of the road, throughout the park. If you just ran the shorter loop, I believe it’s around 4 miles or so-up and down hills.

I ran in my skirt and tank, it was that warm at 830am. I carried one hand held bottle, and set off down the road. I opted for the “Scenic Loop” and just followed other runners down the road. I soon found myself in the neighboring park, Seneca Park, which I had never run in before. The sun was out and hot on me! I turned around at the five mile mark, to make my way back to my aid station (my car)-I was pretty much out of water and in need of an electrolyte cap-I could feel the salt on the face.  When I got back to  my vehicle, I was already at the 10 mile make-cool, half my run down already!

I then just made shorter loops through the park system. I played my Zune this whole run, and had fun people watching all the runners, walkers, and bikers out on this day. I run alone 99% of the time, so I find it fun to actually see others out enjoying themselves.

I had to actually stop at my vehicle and apply sunscreen to my neck and upper arms, I could feel them pinking up. I decided to end my run doing something I hardly ever get to do-with food and a beer! I ran up to Bardstown Road and ended the run at Quodoba, where I celebrated with a huge chicken quesadilla and a beer. Tired, smelly, sore quads, but nothing else hurt. A successful back to back run for me. I am hoping to get a 13 mile or so done at home this week, and then it’s looking taper time! 

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