I figured out my race plan. My problem before was my inability to subtract correctly..

Some goals:
50 miles in 2007 reached at 658 pm
50 miles in 2008 reached at 633 pm
2009 Goal: reach 50 miles by 430 pm. Better goal: reach 50 miles by 4 pm!! Hey, 50 miles by 4 pm would be AWESOME for me!! Okay, realistically speaking, let’s go for 50 miles by 630 pm, and better goal would be 50 miles by 6 pm!
75 miles 2007 reached at 0306 am
75 miles 2008 reached at 0200 am
So, if I reach mile 75 at 0200, I would have a 50K to go in 8 hours to make a 10 am. Hmm. That is kind of a bold plan. That would be a 15.48 minute mile. Now, for any one who is not an ultra runner, the typical response might be “Psshaw! You could easily walk that!” Well, you try it after 75 miles before that. Actually, thinking about it a bit, it does sound like a good goal to me. Any feedback?

I got a nice run in Friday. I walked for one mile, at 14 minute pace, then eyed my trail which was parallel and across the road from the bike path I was on…I couldn’t resist, and did one loop of the trail. Felt great! Managed to get my brand new road shoes for Umstead all muddy-they’re broken in now!

I was planning on a lazy Saturday of packing my bags for the race and transplanting my pepper plants to bigger pots when the elves (my parents) called. They are going to visit and take away a dead lawnmower. Then they are planning on tilling up my gardens, cutting up and shredding the dead pine tree in the yard from last summer. Which means Kim will be tilling up the garden, hauling various pieces of tree hither and yon LOL! So much for my day of rest. But hey, you have to take free labor when it shows up!

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