Well, glad I have recovered from the 100 Mile Race.

About 5pm, right as we finished dinner, someone stopped on the road, said it looked like there was a fire on our property..or behind it.
So we slipped the shoes back on, took the dogs, and headed out for another walk. Just a bit up the hill, behind the barn, we could see smoke, in our ravine. And we could hear a siren. Dennis went to the hilltop (to get a signal on his cell) and I sprinted downhill to get the key to the gate.
Got the key, and ran part way uphill (but then had to powerwalk) and got the gate opened. Walked over toward the fire, and was dismayed to see how much was burned. Then I ran the dogs back to the house, got them secured, and power walked back to the gate to wait on the trucks.
The local Newcomerstown Fire Department showed up, then the volunteers from Port &Gnade,and then the Delaware Valley FD folks. Excitement at the gate over, I then walked over to see the fire.
Most of the fire was out. There were some areas still burning, like the big pile of hardwood trees that were part of the clear-cut done two years ago. I walked my side of the property (our property and the neighboring property were both affected) to check out some spots still smoking.

I could tell where the low spot of the fire was, on our property, and then with all the wind, it went away from the house. (This all occurred at least 200 meters from the house). About one acre of our property burned, and 10 acres of the adjoining property.

Big props to the volunteer fire departments that responded-Newcomerstown, Gnadenhutten, Port Washington, and Delaware Valley. When they were at our place, some of them had to leave to attend to a brush fire near by. And when the fire department chief was getting our personal information, another call came in and off they went! Thanks for the quick response Fire fighters!!!

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