Mohican Training

Ok. Now that I have a successful 100 under my belt again, it’s time to turn thoughts to my second 100 of the year: Mohican 100 Trail Race. I DNF’d this race the two times I have attempted the 100 mile distance, both occurences due to timing out.
So, therefore, no big secret…I need to get faster at Mohican.

Aid Station Time

Aid Stations: The AS will not be the huge food spread that we had at Umstead. With Umstead being a loop, there was only the two AS (which you accessed 8 times each). Mohican is kind of a cloverleaf course. You do every Aid Station Twice, and the Covered Bridge, which is kind of at the center, multiple times.
I just went over the course, and the Aid Stations-19 aid stations! If you spend one minute in each AS, there is 19 minutes. I could have used a cushion of 19 minutes. You hit the Covered Bridge Aid Station 4 times. If you spend 5 minutes there-that’s 20 minutes used of your racing time. I am starting to see where my race time went in the last two years…..

Both years I have timed out at Mile 75. I hit 15 AS before that. Eliminate Landoll’s Castle, the first AS, which everyone just rolls through. Say I spent 5 minutes at each AS. There is 70 minutes! Holy cow!! One hour 10 minutes!!

Strategy: Roll through the AS. I think I will have my drop bags ready with food for me to eat. That way, I can eliminate the stopping, staring, and trying to figure out what I would like to have at the AS. If I pack the little baggies just right, I can grab the baggy, refill water bottles, and go.

I will try not to change socks or shoes unless it seems warranted. I will have them available, at both Rock Point and the Covered Bridge, if needed. Same with clothing, only if needed. I will have long sleeved shirts/hats/gloves available in drop bags.


Mohican is full of them. Unending. Not much flats here. Up and down. I need to get working on increasing my walking uphill pace. Right now, our field across the road is empty. (Sometimes we rent it out and there are horses pastured there). There is a great hill that I can do repeats on, so that is going to be a close to home workout!

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