New Shoes Run!

Got my trail shoes that I am test running for Trail Runner Magazine. These are Scarpa “Alpine Cross”. I cringed when I checked the size…size 9. I thought for sure they would not fit, as I have been more comfortable in a size 10 these days, but these were fine, had plenty of room in the toe box.

It was raining when I left work, but the trail gods smiled upon me and ceased the rain as I entered the woods. I brought the camera in anticipation of some deer, but Trevor must have been up the trail in front of me, as no deer were seen on this loop.
We are just starting to green up these days.
My trail has a very good mix of single track, roots, and rocks. And a little mud from time to time.
You pop out of the woods here, and cross between the airport field on the left, and the golf course on the right.
You kind of have to know where the trail is here. Luckily, this tree blew down right on the trail so it’s easy to spot.

There used to be a bridge here. Until the storm last winter that brought the tree down, hence the bridge is no more. It’s a very steep little ravine here too. We (I) have an alternate crossing a few feet up the creek bed.

A bridge that isn’t broke…

heading downhill…I didn’t add the swirly to this photo, it just happened like this. Must have been running fast here(hee hee)

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