The Blister Post

Well, the blisters continue. The feet weren’t as bad as 2007, but more than 08 at Umstead.

This year I have been wearing Drymax socks. Now, I’ve worn them since last September and been having great results. Most of the time my feet have gotten wet, and no blisters! And I am going to continue to wear the Drymax socks.

Drymax does say not to lube or tape your feet (I think it does.) But I was still afraid enough of I taped my feet. I use tincture of benzion, and tape the entire bottom of my feet. Put my socks on, and go to sleep.

The first hot spot developed in a very familiar spot, on my heel, right where your foot curves, on the outer side of the foot. So this is not on the heel proper, but on the side. This area was not taped. (I’ve taped this before with no good results.) So I knew the blister was developing.
This blister burst around 25 miles….about 1/8 of a mile out of the AS!! Argh! No, I was not going to turn around and go back. I had a small piece of lambswool, which I shoved into the area of the blister, and gingerly limped on. By the time I got to the AS, 6 miles later, the pain had dulled down, so I did nothing to it.
Then I could feel hot spots developing on the balls of my feet, right under the tape. Sigh. When blisters develop under your tape, what can you do?
Well, I have a good pain threshold. They hurt, but they weren’t that bad.

However, I would rather not have them at all!

Some of the things that may have happened: I didn’t apply enough tincture of benzoin to get the tape to adhere on the ball of my feet, right where I needed it. My friend Bob Combs had a good summation of Umstead: “It’s not a hard course. Your legs get breaks from the hills. But your feet get no change at all, it’s the same pounding.”

I also wore a pair of knee hi hose over my Drymax. Maybe this interfered with the wicking ability of the Drymax socks.

What I will do for Mohican:
1. Wear Drymax socks. No taping, no lubing. There are numerous water crossings, but my feet seem to do better when wet! Bring spares in drop bags as needed.
2. I think I will look for those toe cot things. I usually do end up with some blisters of my toes because of rubbing against each other.
3. Keep the tape, bandages, and duct tape handy to take care of any problems if they develop!

5 thoughts on “The Blister Post

  1. Kathleen

    Kim, Your blisters may not be impact related. Consider experimenting with your electrolite intake. Maybe there is too much fluid collecting in your feet. I had that problem once when I attempted the 118 mile run around Lake O. Got tons of blisters on the bottom of my feet, but I had take a lot more electrolites then usually. I am convinced that it was the excess water retention. Also,if possible at an aid stations, try taking 2 minutes to elevate your feet.

  2. Kim

    that is the other consideration, the electrolyte balance. Mine is usually messed up on these long runs. My fingers did swell early, so I cut down on my S-Cap consumption, even cut down on my drinking to see if I could eliminate some of the extra fluid


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